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  • The price of gas and rising airline tickets are forcing many families to stay closer to home this summer. Here are some travel tips to help families save money while still being able to vacation.

    Plan to visit relatives.

    Grandma sure would like to see the grandkids, so why not save a few bucks by bunking at her place. Just be sure to help her out with the dishes and don’t eat her out of house and home.

    Skip the fast food.

    Rest stops are a great place to stop for a pre-packed lunch, which would save Dad from having to shell out the dollars at a drive-through. This will also help with back-seat wiggles that the little ones get during long rides. After the picnic, take time to walk through the rest stop to learn more about the state you are visiting (or just passing through) and collect a few brochures and attraction coupons.

    Pack extra supplies.

    Tourist destinations can be a pricey place to purchase diapers, snacks, and all the extras. Try and over anticipate your family’s needs so there is no need to visit a store for overpriced items.

    Find current events for your destination.

    Many places offer farmer’s markets or weekend festivals for the entire family to enjoy. Not only are some of these events free, but they offer great learning experiences for the kids. Visit your planned destination’s official website for current event ideas.

    Find an Aquarium or Zoo to visit.

    Most cities offer a zoo or aquarium near their area. These places vary in price, so be sure to check the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ website to find a fun attraction for your family that will fit your budget.

    No matter where your family decides to visit this year, be sure to plan a budget that fits your family’s needs. Spontaneous activities sometimes end up being the most memorable on vacation, so don’t plan every second. Remember to have fun and check for travel ideas for you and your family.

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  • A solar phenomena occurred during my visit to Key West a few weeks ago. I was riding along Duval Street when I noticed people stopping to look up at the sky. It was freaky and disturbing, like a scene out of a space movie.Rainbow Ring around sun

    So, of course I had to poke my head out the window to see what made people get out their cars in the middle of the road. I looked up in the clear sky and saw a shaded rainbow ring around the sun. It scared the heck out of me. I just knew that we probably had about three hours left on the planet before the END OF THE WORLD.

    Actually, I picked up the phone and called a friend who was standing next to someone who knew someone at the National Weather Service. Its kinda like a cousin’s cousin’s uncle thing. The NWS explained that the ring was a product of ice crystals in the atmosphere mixed with smoke from the Yucatan. Ummm. Ok. The sky was clear. Something fishy was going on.

    Me being the nosey Mama that I am, I dug around a bit and met a guy who is a former journalist. He admitted that he had been conducting his own investigation into this occurrence.

    The ring around the sun that seemed to be shaded a bit inside was actually a military experiment to see what fallout would look like. The substance is supposed to be made of clay and chalk.

    I have no idea what to believe, but that sure was a pretty rainbow around the sun. I just hope that pretty rainbow isn’t harmful and I’m glad to know it wasn’t some iridescent mother ship hovering over Key West.

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  • Mystery has always surrounded the Legend of The Crystal Skulls. I’ve heard different versions of the legend throughout the years, such. I had heard the legend originated with the Native Americans. I also visited Chichen Itza and noticed all the skulls at this ancient site. Others say that aliens gave the skulls to mankind and that all thirteen will be revealed when the world is ready to know the truth. Ummm, I don’t know what that truth is, but I do know that the Crystal Skulls do exist.

    Image copyright IndianaJones.comThe release of Indiana Jones: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls has brought this legend back into popularity. I know I’ve always been interested in the Mayan and Aztec civilizations and stories of other cultures who seem to have disappeared from the planet. A recent article in Archaeology Magazine dismisses any claim of authentic crystal skulls that are ancient.

    The British Museum released a statement about testing of the skulls, which many people claim is proof that these skulls are all fakes.

    Contrary to popular belief there are currently no scientific techniques which can be used to accurately establish when a stone or mineral object was produced. Research has therefore focused on how the skulls were carved, where the quartz originated from and what is known about the early history of the skulls.” Read the entire release here and here.

    From what I comprehend, there is no way to date the skulls, so how can they be authenticated, or more importantly be unauthenticated? People like to believe in unbelievable things.

    So here is a list of the current “authentic” crystal skulls that those believers of the legends recognize.

    • Mitchell Hedges Skull
    • Mayan Crystal Skull
    • Amethyst Skull
    • British Skull (British Museum)
    • Paris Skull
    • Texas Crystal Skull (MAX) (owned by the Parks Family of Houston)
    • ET Skull (private collection of Joke van Dieten Maasland in Miami Beach, Florida)
    • Rose Quartz Crystal Skull (last seen in Honduras and Guatemala)
    • Aztec Skull
    • Sha-na-ra
    • Jaguar Man
    • The Rainbow Skull (These three were recently found in an excavation in Guerro Province and are now privately owned)

    As you can see, only twelve are listed. I guess we’ll have to wait for the thirteenth to reveal itself to find out what is really going on with these skulls, or we can all just go see the latest installment of the Indiana Jones series of movies.

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  • image copyright Josh Groban official siteI still HEART Josh Groban and our three winners from our giveaway will love him also, if they don’t already. If you aren’t a winner, never fear, you can watch a 20 minute video which is an excerpt of the DVD or just go visit Josh’s site and buy yourself a copy. It is worth the investment of less than $30. who are our winners for this great giveaway. Someone from Josh’s peeps will contact you by email to find out where you want your prize delivered.

    Congratulations to Janet F, Holly, and Darlene Belle

    MountainMama admitted to me that she listens to Josh Groban’s music before she gets on a plane. She says that it sooths and calms her before a flight. I wonder if she listened to him before her sky dive? Hehe.

    Be sure to take Josh along with you on a romantic roadtrip or girlfriend giveaway. The Traveling Mamas will be sure to take Josh on our girlfriend getaway next week. Its a shame we won’t have the real Josh, but a mama can dream!

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  • Book CoverAh! The romance and culture of Rome is something that needs to be seen with one’s own eyes. Angela K. Nickerson’s A Journey into Michealangelo’s Rome is the perfect guide to follow in the footsteps of one of the great masters of art. This 163 page Artbook Series publication by Roaring Forties Press is a must for lovers of art, history, and Italy. We had 107 entries for our giveaway and want to thank Angela for the wonderful interview.

    An entry from Sandy Miresse reads, “I threw my coin into the Trevi Fountain but haven’t been able to return to Rome yet. This would be the next best thing!”

    Judith Hopkins admits, “I never get tired of learning about places, people and happenings…this would be a fantastic read!”A few entrants were interested in this book for Father’s Day or just to reminisce about Italy.

    Our winner, Amy, is visiting Rome with her husband this summer. This will be a fantastic read to take on your journey, Amy. Congratulations!

    Be sure to visit Roaring Forties Press where you can get your own copy of A Journey into Michealangelo’s Rome and also take time to stop by Angela K. Nickerson’s author blog.

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