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  • We’d like to welcome our newest contributor, CarolinaMama. Her first post comes from the heart. Welcome aboard, CarolinaMama! ~ CajunMama

    This weekend I received a very significant package from New Orleans.

    Care packages from home have always represented my heritage.  Cafe du Monde, Community Coffee,  Zatarain’s Cooking Necessities,  Laura’s Pralines.  Not to mention my Mother’s homemade cookies, candy and real coffee that made their way to my dormatory at the University of South Carolina during my college days.

    Today, this package was different.  This package represented a cause –  the cause representing a specific problem to, be exact: The thing called the Oil Spill.  Hand written were the words, “Come Visit Soon!”

    Opening the package, my heart melted seeing the “Save Our Coast!” Tee Shirt from home.  I could feel the pride and love in the offering. It represents everyday folks seeking ways to Save their Coast and continue to thrive in their land.

    A long five years ago, Katrina blasted our homeland.  The recovery was still cranking along.  Then came “the Oil Spill.” Now, the waters were tainted greatly.  And this tee shirt… a cotton tee shirt said it all.

    The Spirit of the Gulf Coast.  The “Joie de Vive!”  Love of life that so embodies those who live and love there.  It’s the spirit of the people that love their land.  And that spirit comes through on the face of a tee shirt across the miles.

    Yes, I shed a few tears opening up the tee shirt and reading the inscription “When I Fall, I shall Arise.”  Micah 7:8 That’s just the thing, the people of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast may fall or have a set back, yet they will rise again!

    My mind wondered back to the most beautiful beaches in the world!

    Yes, the Gulf Coast has a white sand that even the South of France can’t compete with on a good day.  The beauty of the Azure Blue Seas is breath taking and the contrast is amazing! A little of heaven on the Coast!

    The Traveling Mamas is a travel blog concept created by travel writer Shannon Hurst Lane to inspire women to get out there and explore the world — whether that means vacations with the kids, “soul-oh” trips, girlfriend getaways or romantic escapes.

    Today we want to inspire you to get out there and “Save Our Coast!”  Reach out and explore this most amazing part of our country especially at a time when a hand from a friend means the world.   It’s sure to be an inspirational travel time and helps Save a Coast one hand and one hug at a time.



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  • Enjoy sushi and sashimi at Moon Bay Coastal Cuisine | Gaylord National

    Gaylord National near Washington, DC offers a variety of restaurant options onsite. My friend and colleague, Nancy Schretter and her husband Jim stopped by while I was visiting the area. We enjoyed a few drinks and some of the culinary offerings at Moon Bay Coastal Cuisine, located in the atrium of Gaylord National. Good food and good friends. Who could ask for a better moment?

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  • Traveling Mamas On the Move ApprovedEZ Grill is just what the name implies – an easy way to grill. We tried out one of these inexpensive and convenient grills and I have admit that I loved how light and extremely portable EZ Grill is. This affordable grill had everything you need for tailgating this fall or taking along on that last minute family vacation. Plus, there’s no guilt because it’s 100% recyclable. The EZ Grill makes a Traveling Mama’s life so convenient while on a family road trip or campout that it’s been designated as On the Move Approved!

    Perfect for summer road trips, outdoor adventures and on-the-go entertainment, these instant, ready-to-use grills come with everything you need, including EZ Light charcoal. With just one match, you can grill superior quality food for at least 1 ½ hours. Plus, July is National Grilling Month so it’s a great time to get outside and get grillin’.

    The all natural charcoal dipped in high-end mineral oil gives a more natural flavor without the additives, chemicals, fillers and lighter fluid associated with traditional charcoal briquettes.

    Endorsed by some of the biggest names in sports and grilling, including NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee Tony Dorsett, Racecar Driver Michael Waltrip and the number one BBQ organization in the country, Kansas City Barbeque Society, the EZ Grill is available in regular size (1.81 lbs) and party size (3.31 lbs) for $4.99 and $9.99, respectively.

    In addition to Walgreens and Camping World, the EZ Grill can be purchased nationwide at more than 49,000 stores nationwide, including numerous regional supermarkets and convenience stores across the country. Visit to find a retailer near you.

    Have you tried this product? We want to know what you think.

    A sample product was provided by the company for research purposes.

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  • With the recent travel alert issued by the U.S. State Department, many travelers have been second guessing their vacation to Jamaica.

    While I am not one to take travel advisories lightly, I do my research and make my decisions accordingly. In this case, the U.S. State Department advised Americans to be cautious when traveling in and around Kingston, Jamaica.

    No foreign travelers were harmed in any of the civil unrest that was taking place in an isolated area of Kingston back in May. In fact, Kingston is quite a distance from the three main tourist destinations– Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril.

    I traveled across the northern coast of Jamaica this past week and not once did I feel unsafe in any area- day or night.

    I believe Jamaica is as safe as any other destination as long as you are aware of your surroundings.

    • Only take a taxi with a red license plate (means they are insured)
    • Travel in groups when possible
    • Avoid wandering the streets at night
    • Book tours and excursions directly though your hotel or other reputable sources
    • Leave your valuables at home, only carry the amount of cash for what you need

    Because of the recent activity in Jamaica, there will be some excellent travel deals from now until the end of the year. It’s a great time to take advantage of these offers at some of the best all-inclusive resorts. Whether you are traveling with your family or on a romantic getaway, Jamaica has something for everyone.

    Special thanks to the Jamaica Tourist Board for hosting my visit. For more travel advice and inspiration be sure to check out travel tips and

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