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  • Georgetown, Grand Cayman is one of those cruise ports and destinations that offers a number of excursions for the adventurous. A few years ago I went on a 4×4 Adventure around Grand Cayman which ended up turning into a race against the Go Galavanting Gals.

    During the recent Fun Ship 2.0 introductory cruise on the Carnival Liberty, I opted to stay onboard the ship so that I could sleep in and enjoy one of the port day spa specials. Little did I know that later in the day I would end up in Hell.

    Hell, Grand Cayman

    It all began with lunch at Hammerhead’s restaurant, when a colleague took all of our phones and wouldn’t allow any of us to tweet or update our Facebook status during the meal. A few drinks later and I was talked into exploring Grand Cayman with Nancy Schretter and Doug Parker. We hailed a taxi and asked for a quote to Hell. Getting to Hell is relatively cheap, with a beach stop on the way for only $15 per person.

    Beach at Grand Cayman

    We arrived in Hell and took the obligatory photos.

    Hell Grand Cayman photo opp

    And don’t worry about keeping in touch with family and friends in Hell, because there is a post office.

    Post Office in Hell

    Hell is similar to Hawaii. If you take any rocks, you’ll be damned.

    Hell Rocks SignFortunately, by the end of our day we were able to quench our thirsts and redeem ourselves in Paradise, within walking distance of the tender boats. I never knew Hell could be so much fun, but glad to end my Grand Cayman adventure in Paradise.

    Caybrew at Paradise in Grand Cayman cruise port stop

    Special thanks to Carnival Cruise Lines for providing this trip to Hell. This was part of the Fun Ship 2.0 media introductory cruise. It was tons of fun and if you plan on a cruise with Grand Cayman on your itinerary, a trip to Hell is a must. At least once.

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  • This just arrived in my inbox and I wanted to share information about Carnival Cruise Lines‘ New York cruise offerings on the Carnival Miracle.

    As part of its new Land vs. Sea marketing campaign, Carnival Cruise Lines has unveiled a massive billboard in Times Square that promotes the line’s new year-round departures from New York aboard the Carnival Miracle, which kick off in April.

    Located at the corner of Broadway and 49th Street, the colorful billboard features a shot of a Carnival “Fun Ship” with the New York skyline on one side and an image of a tropical destination on the other.

    A smaller billboard with the words “The Caribbean Is Closer Than You Think – Cruising from Midtown” – reflective of the Carnival Miracle’s eight-day Caribbean sailings from the Big Apple – is also featured.

    The billboard is part of a new multi-channel campaign designed to promote the quality and value of “Fun Ship” cruising versus traditional land-based vacations. Created by the line’s advertising agency, Boston-based Arnold Worldwide, the multi-channel campaign began December 26, 2011, and blends national and regional executions across TV, out-of-home (billboards) and on-line media, all in an engaging and often-humorous way.

    Carnival Miracle’s new year-round schedule from New York begins April 12, 2012, and encompasses three different eight-day Caribbean and Bahamas/Florida itineraries that feature some of the region’s most beautiful and popular destinations.


  • Today is the first official day of exhibits for CES 2012. This event is so large that it fills up the entire Las Vegas Convention Center Hall and the conference space at The Venetian Sands Expo Center.So far I’ve only managed to see the South Halls of LVCC.

    This morning I opted for the monorail since last year I learned just how long one has to wait for a taxi or official shuttle to LVCC. The line to get into the monorail station was already extremely long and was a good indication of how my day would be. Fortunately, Nokia had a promotional dance crew providing entertainment.

    CES 2012 South Halls

    Getting into CES wasn’t as crazy as last year for me and I made my way to the South Halls before heading towards the rest of LVCC. My first stop was the Nokia booth so that I could see the legendary Lumia 900 in real life. It was gorgeous!

    CES 2012 Opening Day

    Then I set off exploring the rest of the South Halls and these are a few of the travel related finds that caught my eye:

    CES 2011 South Halls

    M-edge – Last year I was introduced to m-edge and man have they grown since then. Their previous lineup was ebook reader covers that could be customized. They’ve expanded their line with phone cases, custom ebook cases, and these funky military inspired canvas ebook bags.

    CES 2012 Opening Day

    Golla – Last year I discovered this brand which introduces a new lineup each year. The new products include iPad cases and bags for all your gadgets.

    CES 2012 Opening Day

    Zagg – This company offers accessories and protective covers for touchscreen devices. They also offer a line of products to keep those devices powered up when your juice is low.

    CES 2012 South Halls

    Samsonite – Most everyone is familiar with this brand, but they’ve introduced a number of new product and showcased some of their classic best selling items. The three-in-one travel pillow is one of their top sellers due to affordability and variety of functions. I was glad to see their new backpack, the Viz Air which provides a number of compartments for electronics, and even provides a layer of cushion at the bottom for safety in transporting a laptop.

    CES 2011 South Halls

    Verso – I was drawn to this booth due to the tablet covers in various designs. My favorite is the Vera Bradley collection. I can’t wait until this comes to the market because I’ve been hoping Vera Bradley would release a proper tablet cover. Plus, they also have a line of ebook reader lights in a select few of Vera Bradley patterns.

    CES 2011 South Halls

    Jaymo – Jaymo is a mom owned company providing custom phone and iPad cases that allow you to insert a favorite photo to display on the back of your device. It’s a cute way to personalize your phone or iPad and showcase your kids.

    CES 2011 South Halls

    iBrag – This mom owned company offers fashionable cases for tablets and phones and also provides compact storage options. The phone case is a practical item to take to the theme parks if you no longer have to worry about a diaper bag. It holds the phone, has a photo and wallet area, and wristband.

    CES 2012 South Halls

    These are just a smidgen of the many consumer electronics being showcased at CES 2012 this year. Of course there are home and lifestyle products, a plethora of phone cases, and so much more. I’m heading out again in search of interesting travel gadgets during my CES adventure.

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  • The International Consumer Electronics Show has been around since 1967. It is the largest consumer electronics event in the world. While this event showcases the newest innovations in the industry for all interests, I’m attending CES to find some of the coolest gadgets to make travel easier and fun.

    Last night was CES Unveiled, a preview of what’s being shown. While there are 30-50 Ultrabooks that will debut, along with super phones, there are also a large number of health and fitness products and lots of TVs. Buyers are interested in wireless and wireless devices, along with lifestyle electronics.

    Some of my favorite travel finds so far include:

    House of Marley – These Earth-friendly products invoke the soul of the Marley family with The Marley Movement and their line of portable sound devices. There are a variety of headphones available and portable audio systems soon to be on the market, including the Djembe which is my favorite of them all. It’s the smallest and most portable of their audio systems and can be attached to your backpack with a carabiner. The birch wood and canvas makes me want to sip on some Appleton Rum while chilling in Negril listening to my favorite tunes. Will retail at $59.99

    CES Unveiled

    MyCharge Folio – If you are like me, taking photos and video of every moment of your travels, your phone battery can drain quickly. Don’t get stuck in a theme park with a late afternoon princess photo opportunity only to find your battery level at 2 percent. The MyCharge Folio is an iPhone case and battery pack in one. What makes it stand out for me is the slim size and colors that pop. Will retail at $79.99.

    CES Unveiled

    SolarKindle – SolarFocus has developed the ultimate cover for the Kindle. Just place your Kindle securely inside, close, and then set it out in the sun for an hour to charge. This device recharges your Kindle on the go, is green, and even provides a reading light. This product will be available online as of January 14 and will retail at $79.99.

    CES Unveiled

    Powertech Ultraslim USB Outlet Expander – This slim outlet expander is about a half inch thick with a folding collapsible plug which is fabulous for the traveler needing an extra pair of USB power sockets. No word on a retail price just yet. Check out Powertech Industrial Company Ltd. for product news and future availability.

    CES Unveiled

    Velodyn Vpulse earphones – These earphones aren’t just comfortable, they also provide crisp and clear sound. They come with a sturdy compact carry case making them the perfect travel companion when watching movies or listening to tunes inflight on your iPad device. This product retails at $89.99 and is for those who are serious about sound quality with their portable media devices.

    CES Unveiled

    To keep up with my live updates from CES 2012, be sure to follow me on Twitter: @CajunMama.

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  • I’m currently on my flight to Vegas headed to the International Consumer Electronic’s Show. Thanks to Gogo Inflight and Ford, from January 7 through January 13, all Gogo Inflight WiFi enabled flights to and from Las Vegas will be offering 30 minutes of FREE WiFi once your flight reaches 10,000 feet.

    CES Gogo inflight free wifi by Ford

    How do you get this FREE WiFi offer?

    Turn on your device (laptop, tablet or other mobile device), make sure Airplane mode is turned on and connect to WiFi.

    Once the Gogo start screen appears, you’ll be prompted to watch a promotional video about CES sponsored by Ford. You’ll enter your email address and then you’ll be connected for 30 minutes of FREE inflight WiFi.

    Have fun on your flight and be sure to say hello if you see me at CES. Follow Gogo on Facebook:

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