You may be traveling this holiday season – or you may have relatives traveling to your home this year. At we’ve been putting together our personal holiday travel tips to help make your holiday travel easy and stress free. If mailing or carrying on your holiday gifts, be sure to check and see which items need batteries as their power source. Nothing is worse than giving a battery operated gift without the batteries included, especially when gifting to little ones. Rayovac recently polled moms and found out that 65% have forgotten to purchase batteries to go along with their gifts. To help these moms,Read More →

Surveys are a great way to guage what readers are interested in and how to make content for a site more relevant. We recently did our own travel survey here at and had fun reading all the results. Many of our loyal readers (you) send us emails requesting particular post topics or answers to your travel questions. However, we also get a good majority of readers who discover the site while using search engines. We took a look at all the information compiled by other travel sites to see just what’s popular among the travel masses and what destinations we’re all dreaming of forRead More →

The Final Season of Oprah is closing with the ultimate adventure – Ms. Winfrey surprised an entire audience with a trip to accompany Ms. Winfrey on her first trip to Australia. The group landed in Oz and broke off to experience different adventures across the country. I’m so excited to see others get a chance to have an amazing and unbelievable adventure trip like this and hope they all have a wonderful, lasting travel experience. Oprah landed in the country to meet up with the tour group. She and her best friend Gayle King (and entourage) spent some time at Hamilton Island Wildlife Park andRead More →

My family is spending Christmas Eve in St. James Parish, Louisiana to witness the bonfires along the levee of the Mississippi River. This Cajun Christmas tradition dates back to 1870 when plantations would light bonfires here and there on Christmas Eve. Today, this humble tradition has become much bigger than a small family gathering. The first time I saw the bonfires was in 1987 on a visit to see the bonfires under construction. This year, I’ll be able to share this Louisiana tradition with my own children and maybe we’ll even read “A Cajun Night Befor Christmas” like my mother read to my brother andRead More →

Last year I took my first ski lessons, thanks to One thing I noticed about the fashion at the various ski resorts is that women want to look good both on and off the slopes. I had no idea what type of ski wear to pack for a cold weather destination. Keeping your feet warm and dry after a day on the slopes is important, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping with the current fashion. Here are some of the best apres ski boots that work for both function and fashion. Teva Kiru Boot – We love, not just because they’re friendly people,Read More →

Sometimes when I check into a hotel room on a girlfriend getaway or family vacation, I like to listen the personal road trip soundtrack I’ve put together on my portable music device. Hotels are not all created equal with only some of them providing iPod docking stations or mp3 player connections as an in-room amenity. I do have an inexpensive portable speaker case to play music when the family is at the park or I’m sitting down near the pond for some afternoon fishing, however, the gadget is a few years old and it finally gave out. I recently tested out the iMainGo X PortableRead More →

Sunday, the talk around my house was the BCS Bowl Games announcement. My husband and I exchanged words a few times as he kept changing the television back and forth between the show I was watching and the BCS conclusion of selection Sunday. Finally, they finished the announcements. All the games will be aired on ESPN. Every year when I hear the brand name Tostitos followed by the word bowl in these game titles, I want to break out the chips and salsa. Here are the list of games, in case you want to plan that surprise BCS bowl game trip as a surprise giftRead More →

Searching for the perfect holiday travel gift that won’t break the bank? Here are a few of our favorite travel gifts and gadgets that are affordable and practical for this holiday season. Monster Cable mini power strip – I travel EVERYWHERE with this travel sized power strip. It is compact and has saved my behind at many layovers. Have you ever arrived at your assigned gate only to find that the one plug in the entire airport is already claimed by two other travelers? I have yet to have someone tell me they won’t share their power with me once I show them this awesomeRead More →

This travel tip isn’t just for the holidays, it’s for anytime you have to travel with a carry-on bag and need to bring health and beauty items through security. Want to submit your own holiday travel tip? Send us a link to your video and we’ll post it here on More →

We’re sharing holiday travel tips this week on Our first travel tip is from CarolinaMama. She shares her holiday travel tip from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport: Do you have a holiday travel tip you’d like to share? Send us the link to your video through our contact page and we’ll post it on More →