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  • Sometimes when I check into a hotel room on a girlfriend getaway or family vacation, I like to listen the personal road trip soundtrack I’ve put together on my portable music device. Hotels are not all created equal with only some of them providing iPod docking stations or mp3 player connections as an in-room amenity. I do have an inexpensive portable speaker case to play music when the family is at the park or I’m sitting down near the pond for some afternoon fishing, however, the gadget is a few years old and it finally gave out.
    iMainGo X portable speaker system for
    I recently tested out the iMainGo X Portable Speaker system and also handed it over to each of the kids to also check out and provide their opinions. My daughter was the first to check it out, claiming that it was now her gadget so that she could listen to the Glee soundtrack and make up a dance routine. We had to wrestle the iMainGo X from her so that my teen son could check it out. He has an iPhone 4 and proceeded to put his phone in the protective case of the iMainGo X and then tortured us on the way to a family dinner with his collection of those annoying commercials about Real American Heroes – you know, the ones that begin “Here’s to you, Mr. Nosebleed Section Ticket Holder”. Annoying. Fortunately, as the mom, I was able to declare his review time as expired and that it was time to hand the iMainGo X back to me.

    The iMainGoX isn’t just portable speakers, but it’s also a protective case for various products, such as the Apple iPhone, Microsoft Zune, or your preferred MP3 player. It does NOT protect the iPod Shuffle, but will work with other electronics such as a laptop, portable gaming systems, Kindle, and even the iPad and other devices with a 35mm connection. I will admit that what makes this portable speaker system with case better than my older system is the ability to control my device without having to open the case. The clear protective covering allows me to use the touchscreen without going through too much trouble.

    This device is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery which lasts for up to 12 hours. The exterior is made of Neoprene waterproof material (great for the beach or poolside), but as with any electronic device, try to keep it from getting wet. This item comes in black and also in a recently released pink. MSRP is around $75 but can be found online at various retailers for a few dollars less.

    How to Enter: was sent an iMainGo X for review and we also have one for a lucky reader. Just leave a comment telling us where you would take this portable speaker system and what device you would use with it, should you win. Once you leave that comment, you can like us and share this post on facebook or follow us on Twitter and tweet this post for bonus entries. Be sure to leave a different comment for each entry to count. Comments close at 11:59PM EST on December 10, 2010. Contest is open to US residents ages 18 and older.

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  • Sunday, the talk around my house was the BCS Bowl Games announcement. My husband and I exchanged words a few times as he kept changing the television back and forth between the show I was watching and the BCS conclusion of selection Sunday. Finally, they finished the announcements. All the games will be aired on ESPN. Every year when I hear the brand name Tostitos followed by the word bowl in these game titles, I want to break out the chips and salsa.

    Here are the list of games, in case you want to plan that surprise BCS bowl game trip as a surprise gift this holiday season:

    Rose Bowl Presented by Vizzio
    Pasadena, California
    Jan 1, 2011  at 5PM EST
    TCU vs. Wisconsin

    Tostitos Fiesta Bowl
    Glendale, Arizona
    Jan 1, 2011 at 8:30 PM EST
    Oklahoma vs. Connecticut

    Discover Orange Bowl
    Miami, Florida
    Jan 3, 2011 at 8:30PM EST
    Stanford vs. Virginia Tech
    See our parking tips for Sun Life Stadium

    All State Sugar Bowl
    New Orleans, Louisiana
    Jan 4, 2011 at 8:30PM EST
    Ohio State vs. Arkansas

    Tostitos BCS National Championship Game
    Glendale, Arizona
    Jan 10, 2011 at 8:30PM EST
    Auburn vs. Oregon

    Some tickets can still be found for these events through ticket brokers such as StubHub or through eBay. It’s never too late to plan that amazing dream trip to a BCS Bowl Game. We’ve linked each city to their respective convention and visitor bureau websites to make things a little easier for getting the most up to date local information for these sporting events.

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  • Red Christmas Ornament (c) Shannon Hurst Lane | TravelingMamas.comSearching for the perfect holiday travel gift that won’t break the bank? Here are a few of our favorite travel gifts and gadgets that are affordable and practical for this holiday season.

    Monster Cable mini power strip – I travel EVERYWHERE with this travel sized power strip. It is compact and has saved my behind at many layovers. Have you ever arrived at your assigned gate only to find that the one plug in the entire airport is already claimed by two other travelers? I have yet to have someone tell me they won’t share their power with me once I show them this awesome travel gear. It also comes in handy in hotels when charging all those gadgets.

    Bottlewise Bot’l Pak – Bottlewise has come up with a practical way to transport bottles of wine or other breakable items when checking luggage on a trip. Their innovative system not only keeps the bottle protected, but also helps keep your other items safe, should a leak occur. I have a Bottlewise Bot’l Pak wine travel bag, but hope that I get one of their new rollup bags under the tree.

    Travel Size Beauty Items – Since we are usually carry-on mamas, we’ve got compact packing down to an art. Travel size gift sets of our favorite body cleansers or beauty items make us very, very happy. ThemeparkMom found a great site,, which sells travel gift sets in TSA friendly sizes.

    The X-Shot – Have you ever been in one of those situations where you want that family photo but have no one to hold the camera and no place to set it for the timer shots? What about when traveling or trying to take a video of yourself? A few years ago I bought an X-Shot, the ultimate camera extender. There have been upgraded models to come on the market, but I still use the original.

    Shoes BagsShoe bags for travel aren’t boring anymore. We’ve found a variety of fashionable shoe bags that aren’t just practical, but make you smile when you pack for your next trip. Find one that fits any personality, from classic colors to bold prints.

    Coffee Travel Tumbler – Travel tumblers are perfect for the coffee lover on the go. This is an easy to find item available most anywhere. The particular coffee travel tumbler I take everywhere is sold on the Community Coffee company website as the New Orleans travel tumbler set. I love the way it fits in my hand, and of course I adore the design.

    Gloves for Touchscreen Mobile Phones – Do you have a touchscreen mobile phone and plan on traveling to a cold weather destination? Check out AGloves, the glove that works on touchscreen phones. We heard about these types of gloves last season and this year CarolinaMama has reviewed AGloves to see if they really work.

    These are just a few of our favorite travel gifts for the holidays. What are some of your favorite affordable travel gifts?

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  • This travel tip isn’t just for the holidays, it’s for anytime you have to travel with a carry-on bag and need to bring health and beauty items through security.

    Want to submit your own holiday travel tip? Send us a link to your video and we’ll post it here on

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  • We’re sharing holiday travel tips this week on Our first travel tip is from CarolinaMama. She shares her holiday travel tip from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport:

    Do you have a holiday travel tip you’d like to share? Send us the link to your video through our contact page and we’ll post it on

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