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  • Is your family looking for a place to get away from it all and still enjoy family time with their children? Do you want vacation where you can enjoy the beach, stay active and enjoy local attractions?

    Ocean Isle Inn on Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina has been named one of the Top Atlantic Coastal Destinations.  Children love it.  Families love it.  The location is great and the property keeps calling guests back again and again. 

    “Ocean Isle is the way beaches use to be. Uncrowded, Unhurried, and Unforgettable. All this and more await you at the Ocean Isle Inn. Ideally situated a short distance from the historic riverfront town of Wilmington, North Carolina, Southport NC, Holden Beach NC, Sunset Beach NC, and North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach South Carolina, the Ocean Isle Inn provides the perfect accommodations for a vacationer, business traveler, family reunion or wedding.”

    Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina

    Ocean Isle Inn is a beautiful ocean front property on the quiet Southern beaches of North Carolina.  Enjoy the quiet of the beaches where you can get away from it all.  Yet,  you can drive an hour to the trendy and popular Myrtle Beaches of South Carolina where wonderful restaurants, shopping and local activities abound.

    Enjoy the local attractions:

    1)  Ocean front beaches for families;

    2)  Ten minutes from the wonders of South Carolina like  Myrtle Beach and famous Callabash Seafood;

    3) Ingram Planetarium – where the Stars Always Shine!

    4) Museum of Coastal Carolina

    Enjoy this view each morning – after a complimentary breakfast and gourmet coffee, step out poolside and enjoy the ocean views.  When it’s breezy or it rains, take in the indoor heated swimming pool and jacuzzi!  Life is good in North Carolina.

    Are you ready to get away from it all?  Take your children on a vacation they will always remember! Book your trip to Ocean Isle Inn today!  Ocean Isle Inn is offering Traveling Mamas Readers a 15% Discount if you Book with the Discount Code: CarolinaMama. Book your trip and enjoy the anticipation until you experience the pure delight of the ocean at Ocean Isle Inn.

    *CarolinaMama is an Ocean Isle Inn Ambassador.

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  • We’d like to welcome our newest contributor, CarolinaMama. Her first post comes from the heart. Welcome aboard, CarolinaMama! ~ CajunMama

    This weekend I received a very significant package from New Orleans.

    Care packages from home have always represented my heritage.  Cafe du Monde, Community Coffee,  Zatarain’s Cooking Necessities,  Laura’s Pralines.  Not to mention my Mother’s homemade cookies, candy and real coffee that made their way to my dormatory at the University of South Carolina during my college days.

    Today, this package was different.  This package represented a cause –  the cause representing a specific problem to, be exact: The thing called the Oil Spill.  Hand written were the words, “Come Visit Soon!”

    Opening the package, my heart melted seeing the “Save Our Coast!” Tee Shirt from home.  I could feel the pride and love in the offering. It represents everyday folks seeking ways to Save their Coast and continue to thrive in their land.

    A long five years ago, Katrina blasted our homeland.  The recovery was still cranking along.  Then came “the Oil Spill.” Now, the waters were tainted greatly.  And this tee shirt… a cotton tee shirt said it all.

    The Spirit of the Gulf Coast.  The “Joie de Vive!”  Love of life that so embodies those who live and love there.  It’s the spirit of the people that love their land.  And that spirit comes through on the face of a tee shirt across the miles.

    Yes, I shed a few tears opening up the tee shirt and reading the inscription “When I Fall, I shall Arise.”  Micah 7:8 That’s just the thing, the people of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast may fall or have a set back, yet they will rise again!

    My mind wondered back to the most beautiful beaches in the world!

    Yes, the Gulf Coast has a white sand that even the South of France can’t compete with on a good day.  The beauty of the Azure Blue Seas is breath taking and the contrast is amazing! A little of heaven on the Coast!

    The Traveling Mamas is a travel blog concept created by travel writer Shannon Hurst Lane to inspire women to get out there and explore the world — whether that means vacations with the kids, “soul-oh” trips, girlfriend getaways or romantic escapes.

    Today we want to inspire you to get out there and “Save Our Coast!”  Reach out and explore this most amazing part of our country especially at a time when a hand from a friend means the world.   It’s sure to be an inspirational travel time and helps Save a Coast one hand and one hug at a time.



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