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  • Boycott the Staycation Ultimate Giveaway: Busch Gardens Williamsburg

    Busch Gardens Williamsburg LogoWilliamsburg, VA is the first REAL vacation this Traveling Mama ever experienced. My brother was too young to go, so I had my parents all to myself as I experienced Colonial Williamsburg with its living history. In fact, I still have the Martha Washington rag doll I begged my parents for and I recall sleeping many nights in my Colonial mop cap that I refused to part with. So, I am very excited to announce our Ultimate Boycott the Staycation Giveaway. The folks at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Embassy Suites really want to help a lucky reader and family spend some quality time AWAY from home.

    Busch Gardens in Williamsburg is a European-themed park bursting with adventure at every turn. Busch Gardens took roller coaster design to bold new heights in 2007 with the debut of the world’s tallest and first floorless dive coaster, Griffon. Situated on 100 action-packed acres, Busch Gardens boasts more than 50 thrilling rides and attractions, ten main stage shows, a wide variety of award-winning cuisine and world-class shops. With something amazing around every corner, your family will come together like never before.

    Busch Gardens Williamsburg Roller CoasterWith this great giveaway, you can experience Howl-o-Scream at Busch Gardens Williamsburg as a romantic escape, a girlfriend getaway, or with a few dollars more, the entire family can enjoy. Don’t be scared to bring the entire family during this fun time at Busch Gardens. The official Howl-O-Scream site rates rides and events for families so you’ll know if something might be too scary for the littlest ones.

    Double Suite at Embassy Suites WilliamsburgThe whole family will enjoy two nights at Embassy Suites Williamsburg, one of the area’s premier lodging choices for families or couples. Their extra large rooms provide plenty of space for all members of the clan.

    So, what’s the big giveaway?

    • 2 Season Passes to Busch Gardens Williamsburg
    • 2 $25 Exxon Mobile Cards
    • 2 Busch Gardens Tee Shirts
    • 2 Water Country USA Visors
    • 2 Nights Lodging at Embassy Suites Williamsburg (must be redeemed by Oct. 31, 2008)

    Isn’t that an awesome giveaway? So, what do you have to do to win? Just leave a comment on this post telling us how you’ve Boycotted the Staycation so far this summer. As Traveling Mamas, we’ve been doing our best to Boycott the Staycation by visiting Florida, California, Puerto Vallarta, The Grand Canyon, and of course Hawaii, just to name a few places. So, leave a comment and make some plans to enjoy Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Maybe you can even visit Colonial Williamsburg and bring home a mop cap. The park’s annual festival of fright begins Sept. 19 and runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday through Oct. 26.

    For more information or for planning purposes go to, BuschGardens Williamsburg Official Site, and Embassy Suites Williamsburg Official Site.

    Eligible entries are for US Residents only. Immediate family members of Traveling Mamas are ineligible for this contest. Leave a comment on this post, with up to one entry per calendar day, per email address. Contest ends midnight August 26, 2008. Winner will be announced on Winning Wednesday, August 27.

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  1. I have traveled this summer to the Jersey Shore, Door County, and Oxnard. I have several more trips planned this year. I guess it can safely be said that I am boycotting the Staycation.

  2. I went with my sister and mother (a real traveling mama!) to Montreal and Maine. Family time always goes better when there are new things to do and places to see…

  3. We went on the cruise in May to Mexico, Grand Cayman and Jamaica. And we plan a weekend trip to Chattanooga during Labor day. And I’m cooking up another plan to a cabin in Gatlinburg. Also I would love to fit in another trip to a beach somewhere near Atlanta.. So it might be Destine or the East Coast. 🙂

  4. I have visited Colonial Williamsburg, and I love it! It’s the world’s largest outdoor museum, and it so exciting to see where Jefferson, Lafayette, Washington, and others, have walked and worked.

    This is such a fabulous opportunity!!

  5. I have never been to Colonial Williamsburg, but it is definitely my number one US destination! This summer we went to Paris, London, Edinburgh, and Dublin. I LOVE living history, and Colonial Williamsburg (and the entire New England area, lol) are amazing places for that!

  6. I’m boycotting the staycation by heading to Canada for a break this year.

  7. We boycotted staycation by flying to Portland, Oregon this summer. We went to Canon Beach and had a great time.

  8. Haha..we have not had any vacation this summer-unless you count camping in the backyard so far.. we are getting ready to go to Va this Oct for a wedding- what a great bonus if we won and I have never been to the East coast—oops I lie- went to NYC but other than that nothing

  9. valerie mabrey said on

    We went to Alabama to visit my mom and may head somewhere else in December.

  10. Margaret Smith said on

    Thank you for this giveaway. We’ve traveled to Pennsylvania, The Jersey Shore, Maryland and Washington DC so far this summer. Would love to go to Williamsburg too. Thanks again for this great giveaway.

  11. I’m boycotting the staycation by planning a vacation more ahead of time than usual!

  12. I’ll admit that we haven’t traveled much this summer because we had a baby in the middle of it (July 20) but we did drive up to New Hampshire from NYC once and will be doing so again later this month. We’d actually been planning to travel overseas in July prior to finding out we had a baby on the way, so we had to put that off, but will definitely be traveling again this fall. We are a traveling family (our 11-year-old has already visited four continents and 40 out of 50 states) and we make a lot of other sacrifices to make sure family vacations remain a priority. It helps that we don’t own a car, so we’re not as hard hit on the fuel expenses as some others are (though we feel it in food and elsewhere in our budget).

  13. We just got back from Myrtle Beach. Planning on DC for Sept. To heck with the stay vacation

  14. Mitchell H said on

    I have been to California twice!!

  15. SANDRA GUS said on

    went to orlando then ny and nh

  16. Used all my frequent flyer points to book a trip; just in case the Airlines do something weird with the points.

  17. This year, our vacations are closer to home, but not at home. we have been to the Jersey Shore, and took the kids on their first camping trip to Jellystone. I’d love to win this to top off the summer!

  18. susan bowman said on

    We took our grandson to Black Hills, SD

  19. This would be fabulous! What a way to start out our school year!

  20. I am totally boycotting the staycation! I went to Greece a couple of months ago, went to Williamsburg last week, and am currently planning trips to Florida (inlaws) and California (Patriots away game). This is the best time to vacation because there are so many deals! I actually can’t wait to go back to Williamsburg because I loved it– it was one of the best vacations!

  21. Mark McLemore said on

    There are still good deals out there to some destinations, especially if you book early. My Vegas trip in May was wonderful and I didn’t feel guilty a bit.

  22. Kimberly Cook said on

    Gas prices won’t get me down!

  23. Margaret Smith said on

    What a fantastic giveaway.
    We boycotting the staycation by traveling so far to: Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey Shore, and Washington DC. We’re planning on going to Conneticut in the next couple of weeks and maybe Philadelphia.
    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway. Would love to bring the family to Williamsburg. Never been there before. Thanks.

  24. ANGELA SWINSON said on

    We have been to DisneyWorld twice! We took the kids in April and took an adult trip with friends in June. It was great!

  25. Amber S. said on

    I haven’t traveled yet this summer and probably won’t. Hubby is overseas right now, but we will be going to visit his family in Ohio this fall. So I guess I’ll be boycotting the staycation then!

  26. I have made an effort to get out of town as often as possible, if only for a night. Sure, there are plenty of things to do in the D.C. area, but I can do those ANY time! I’ve gone to Ohio, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina and would love to wrap up the season with a trip to Williamsburg. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  27. ROBIN EISENHAUER said on

    I am boycotting staycation but can’t afford to go too far away. We did take a trip to Disney in Orlando. Busch Gardens in Tampa is coming up next this fall. I am lucky to live in Florida with lots of vacation beach areas to visit but I would love to see Williamsburg!

  28. David Benedict said on

    have a daughter going to college soon so our trips hsve been to local parks

  29. Jill Spackman said on

    I have traveled to Seattle Washington for several days this summer. I usually travel in the spring and fall. Not so much in the summer when all the families are traveling.

  30. david davis said on

    Have traveled to Texas.

  31. Beverley Justice said on

    We renting a house at the beach for a week before summer ends.

  32. I traveled to Atlanta.

  33. Gregory Hill said on

    been nowhere done nothin’ but work all summer!

  34. robert mcloughlin said on

    We went on a family reunion to the outer banks in N.C. this summer and had a blast

  35. Christie said on

    We’ve been daytripping frequently, leaving early in the morning with a destination in mind but stopping anyplace along the way that looks interesting. It’s a tank of gas, no hotel and you try to eat at someplace offbeat and unfamiliar, no chains. It’s all about adventure!

  36. We went to the shore!

  37. We are traveling to Florida for an October break. Can’t wait!

  38. Jill Spackman said on

    Not a summer traveler, but I will be flying to NC in October and visiting your neck of the woods. Life is short. I have already seen most of my state already. Time for others.

  39. We went to DisneyWorld! And twice to the beach. I love to vacation!

  40. susan bowman said on

    Went to Black Hills, SD

  41. Kimberly H. said on

    We said the heck with gas prices and traveled to Orlando. We stayed at Universal then Disney World. We are planning to go to Destin within the month and Gatlinburg in the fall.

  42. david davis said on

    Weather cooperating, I hope to get to Florida this week.

  43. Linda Lansford said on

    I went to Tampa

  44. Mitchell H said on

    I went to vegas… and lost 🙁

  45. we went to local museums

  46. mitchell H said on

    stil planning on going back to vegas over labor day… 🙂

  47. Mary Casper said on

    We like road trips, so we have traveled by car all over the country

  48. I LOVE to travel! Despite the high gas prices, traveling with family is more than a vacation. It is an opportunity to see more of our country, learn along the way and have valuable family time without the distractions of home.

  49. joanna smith said on

    My husband and I have boycotted the Staycation this summer by packing up our 3 children (one being a 4 month old) into our car and driving 7.5 hours to Cape Cod for vacation! We had this trip planned since last summer and in spite of rising fuel costs we decided not to let that hurdle stand in our way. We rented a room at this really quaint hotel in Dennisport, MA right on the ocean called the Spouter Whale and spent 10 days there just relaxing on the beach by day and eating lots and lots of fresh seafood by night! The kids loved visiting the adorable little shops in nearby towns of Chatham, Orleans, and Hyannisport and we just pretended like gas and money was not a problem. Now we are back home and of course reality sets back in very quickly, LOL! We would love to plan a little trip to Williamsburg this Fall!

  50. I love to travel. . .how could I give it up? In January I took a friend on an 8 day vacation to Orlando. April found me back in Orlando with my entire family on a delightful 8 day adventure. In between there have been numerous weekend getaways to my cabin 2 1/2 hours from home. In two weeks I leave for another 8 venture to Orlando! I also have an 8 day trip to Williamsburg, VA booked for October! No STAYCATION for me!

  51. In May, went for a week to Nashville and just got back from long weekend trip to Chicago and in October, going for 10 days to ORlando & WDW.

  52. Marshall L. said on

    I’ve already been to Kentucky this summer.

  53. Going to Fl

  54. We are boycotting the staycation by planning a big trip for early fall!

  55. Linda Lansford said on

    I went to biloxi

  56. went to nyc!

  57. Kelly W, said on

    I visited New York with my daughter, and we stayed in Times Square.

  58. susan bowman said on

    Went to Mt Rushmore

  59. Marshall L. said on

    I’m taking a trip to las vegas.

  60. Zee Worstell said on

    I went with my family and three other families to Mexico in April. Then this summer we drove to Pittsburgh for a girls trip with my mom(76) and my two daughters age 6 and 9. I took a trip to visit family in Cleveland. We spent a long weekend on Gwynne’s Island Virginia and took a day trip to Virginia Beach. I live in Williamsburg so I don’t need to win a trip to Williamsburg but I know the person who wins the trip will enjoy it!

  61. Margaret Smith said on

    We’ve been boycotting the staycation by traveling this summer to, Maryland, The Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania and to Washington DC. We’re planning on going to Conneticut in the next couple of weeks and maybe Philadelphia.
    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway. We’d love to visit Wiliamsburg. Thank you very much.

  62. Officially boycotted~!

  63. Mitchell H said on

    I will do what i want, when i want. planning another trip to the midwest over the holidays now.

  64. Patricia Wallace said on

    We’ve boycotted the staycation also by going to Virginia Beach this summer.

    This is a nice giveaway. Thank you.

  65. a great trip to new york!

  66. Terrific

  67. Kelly W. said on

    I took a trip to Las Vegas. It was much better than staying home on a staycation.

  68. Stacey Duncan said on

    We took a family vacation to Myrtle Beach and had a blast!!! I would love to take my kids to Bush Gardens!!

  69. Stacey Duncan said on

    We took a family vacation to Myrtle Beach and had a blast!!! I would love to take my kids to Busch Gardens!!

  70. We are planning a couple of weekend getaways. Williamsburg and the surrounding area is wonderful and we’d love to go! Busch Gardens would bring much joy to our son.

  71. Mary Casper said on

    we go every chance we get even if they are only short road trips

  72. susan bowman said on

    went to Devils Tower, Wy

  73. Margaret Smith said on

    Thank you for this great giveaway. We’ve been bocotting the staycation by taking trips to Pennsylvania, The New Jersey Shore, Maryland, and Washington DC. We’re also planning on visiting Philadelphia and Conneticut. Would love to go to Williamsburg too. Thanks again for this great giveaway.

  74. Linda Lansford said on

    I went to New Smyrna

  75. Bonnie Daiello said on

    Thank you for this giveaway! I boycotted the staycation by visiting my home town in PA for a class reunion in July of this year. We had an absolute blast and I can’t wait to go away again!

  76. Mary Casper said on

    Arizona and Pa

  77. we also went to the blue ridge for a fun weekend!

  78. Great

  79. I’m taking a trip soon to Las Vegas

  80. Jasmine D said on

    I started a list of places away from home to visit!

  81. Christine Yvonne Groce said on

    I took several small trip and 1 big trip to Ireland for 2 weeks and just returned from that one a few weeks ago. I am already planning our next big trip to Italy. Go to Florida alot because our daughter lives there. Nice excuse to go to Disney.

  82. Mitchell H said on

    going to vegas next month!

  83. We went out of state and caught a great concert.

  84. Mary Casper said on

    leaving for pa in a few days

  85. Going to Tampa soon for both work and pleasure.

  86. Kayce C. said on

    I’m traveling to see an old friend in September.

  87. david davis said on

    Went to FL and back

  88. We went to Six Flags. We had been putting all of our change in a jar since last summer and we used that to purchase our tickets and gas.

  89. Margaret Smith said on

    To boycott the staycation, so far this summer we’ve travelled to The New Jersey Shore, Washington DC, Marlyand, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Thanks so much for offering this great giveaway. We’ve never been to Williamsburg and would love to go. Thanks.

  90. I’m taking a vacation to Las Vegas.

  91. Barbara Tenan said on

    Our family took what was probably our last family vacation to Jellystone Campground in Luray Virginia this summer. My two oldest joined the Navy and one leaves in December and the other in January. It would be great to have one last trip together.

  92. Linda Lansford said on

    I am going back to Biloxi

  93. Linda Buck said on

    We went to Nashville in May and are going to WDW for 10 days in October

  94. Bonnie Daiello said on

    I am going to WDW in October. I love the place. Busch Gardens is a totally awesome place and has the best roller coasters. I will always boycott the staycation. There are just too many fun things to do out there!

  95. we planned a great day trip to the eastern shore

  96. We haven’t gone anyway this summer because we had a baby (third) in June. My older girls would love to go to Williamsburg!

  97. I plan to take this trip offered too if I win it. LOL : )

  98. Anthony Hedden said on

    went to Vegas

  99. I’ll drive this for a road trip if I win. I love to travel.

  100. Kimberly said on

    Just got back from O.C. Maryland. Been visiting alot of family during the summer months, I think they are sick of me. Thanx for the contest.

  101. Linda Lansford said on

    Now that the rain is over we are planning a trip to Biloxi

  102. Steve Scott said on

    Just got back from a road trip to LA via Las Vegas. A good time was had by all.

  103. Ive boycotted already by going to storyland 4 times in new hamp!

  104. GREATT

  105. Staycation = Fear

    Last weekend, my husband and I took an anti-staycation three day weekend trip to New Orleans, leaving our toddler behind for the first time. (He usually comes with us when we travel but toddlers and fine restaurants don’t usually mix! We had a fabulous time and our toddler loved the time with his grandparents.)

    We also took a family road trip in New England (from New York City) in July. We stayed for five days with family on a beautiful lake in Western Maine and then drove back through St. Johnsbury, VT where we stayed at the very lovely and beautiful Wildflower Inn (

    Hoping to head to Washington DC in the early Fall.

  106. we haven’t gone yet, but intend on going to Montreal

  107. Ive boycotted the staycation by traveling to Alaska this summer. What an amazing vacation it was. I cant wait to return

  108. Kathy Scott said on

    I have dreamed of going to New England for the fall folaige. I am going this YEAR!!!

  109. Angela Swinson said on

    I have already told you about my trips this summer, so I just want to tell you how much I love Busch Gardens Williamsburg. It is my favorite theme park (next to DisneyWorld, of course!) It is just so pretty and shady. It has been named the Most Beautiful Theme Park every year for like 15 years! We try to go at least once a year. We didn’t get a chance to go this year, so this contest sure would come in handy!

  110. L. Fahie said on

    The ultimate boycott to the staycation was going to Beijing and catching a few Olympic events. Almost 14 hours non-stop one way I don’t think I could have flown any further to avoid staying at home. I’m hooked and never want to experience a staycation.

  111. Linda Lansford said on

    I would love to go to Kansas

  112. susan bowman said on

    went to crazy horse

  113. Linda Buck said on

    Going to chicago for the weekend

  114. Melissa D said on

    We’ve boycotted the staycation this summer by visiting the exotic Jersey Shore, Delaware and Maryland beaches, and even a little weekend in NYC.
    Thanks for sponsoring this very generous contest!

  115. Pamela S. said on

    We went to Key West in May and Canada in August.

  116. david davis said on

    Heading to the beaches in Sept!

  117. Terri Pillow said on

    I boycotted the staycation this summer by taking an extra vacation to DC and the National Harbor.

  118. phillip stacy said on

    I intend to take the trip if I win.

  119. Catherine copeland said on

    we boycotted the staycation mode by hiking and camping in the north georgia mountains. what great beauty. it’s a shame so many people miss the glories of the great outdoors

  120. planning a good trip to Tampa! yay!

  121. Mildred Perez said on

    I am boycotting by working two jobs and not leaving enough time to enjoy life and what it has to offer.

  122. Marshall said on

    I’m getting ready for Vegas…………: )

  123. Jasmine D said on

    I have decided to celebrate my 36th anniversary by learning how to surf in Hawaii.

  124. We boycotted the staycation this year by going to Wildwood New Jersey and hitting the beach and boardwalk !!

  125. Henry Farley said on

    Went to the Nascar race in Bristol and would love to go to Busch Gardens for the first time. Thanks

  126. We went to Kill Devil Hills/Nags Head, NC. We love going there.

  127. Good

  128. Marion B said on

    We boycotted Staycation because we went to Cape May, New Jersey beach instead.

  129. mary ellen salman said on

    We boycotted staycation by visting as many county and state fairs that we could, going to continue the boycott with a trip to florida in a few weeks would love to add Busch Gardens to the boycott

  130. I lugged my kids from the midwest up to Alaska for nearly a month–I think that qualifies as boycotting the Staycation!

  131. went to Mall of America

  132. Beverley Justice said on

    We are spending another week at the beach late this summer.

  133. we went to China so definitely did not do the staycation thing!

  134. Sherri Siler said on

    We went to Hersheypark and Dutch Wonderland in PA for a weekend.

  135. Flora Shaughnessy said on

    Went Cruising!

  136. wanda flanagan said on

    Our family has been to different places in our home state NC and to the new hark rock park as well as a trip to appomatax court house in va but we boycotted the staycation

  137. jen gersch said on

    i’ve gone to the other side of the world

  138. Catherine copeland said on

    we went to old europe. well not quite we went to busch gardens and it was just like going to old europe only better. busch gardens has great rides and europe doesn’t

  139. Fourteen members of my husband’s family travelled to the Outer Banks from Northern Virginia, Virginia Beach, and Margarettsville, NC. We spent a week at vacation rental home in Duck, NC. We had a great time swimming, kayaking, wave running, sight seeing and horseback riding on the beach!

  140. Gregory Hill said on

    Wife had surgery, been nowhere did nothin’

  141. Mary Casper said on

    going to pa in a few dayas

  142. Linda Buck said on

    At Least gas prices seem to be dropping for the moment- that’s a good thing for travelers

  143. Suzie Lockhart said on

    We boycotted the staycation this year by taking a trip to Carowinds and spending the weekend in Charlotte. We also have a trip planned to Myrtle Beach in October. Thanks for the contest.

  144. Bonnie Daiello said on

    I am boycotting the staycation because I want to go to Williamsburg! I’ve never been there but I love Busch Gardens here in Tampa.

  145. the beach has been our favorite destination this summer

  146. went to Asia this summer as well as trips in new england

  147. Gene Garvin said on

    I am boycotting the stay-cation by travelling to the shore every other weekend.

  148. Chas Childress said on

    I have been dull and haven’t taken any time off. No funds no fun.

  149. Cheryl B said on

    We are boycotting the staycation by traveling so far to Mt. Rushmore to still the Presidents of the US.

  150. Jennifer M said on

    We’re visiting various places within driving distance of us; we feel it’s important to still have a family vacation every year.

  151. Marshall said on

    I would love to win this prize, so I have another excuse to take another trip. : )

  152. Kelly W. said on

    I took my daughter to Times Squares in
    February, and it was a fabulous trip we did very economically.

  153. Henry Farley said on

    Load’em up and move’em out lets go on vacation.

  154. Mary Byerly said on

    My kids and I just took a road trip from Chicago to Virginia. Our country is so beautiful. Thank you!

  155. sandra durr said on

    Been to Baltimore harbor for the weekend, Atlantic City, NJ to gamble a little and planning a trip to Scottsdale, AZ for a little golf in the coming weeks!

  156. Jeanette H. said on

    I LOVE to travel and although it has been a bit harder this year, I was NOT staying home. We went to Hawaii and Pigeon Forge, TN this year!! We had to cut a few expenses to make these vacations but it was WELL worth it!!

  157. we took a roadtrip and went to new orleans. it was great fun and not as much as expected since we bought a Hybrid and used it instead of fly 🙂

  158. Renee Turner said on

    We packed the family and travelled accross the country enjoying our great country.

  159. I’m always boycotting the staycation….unfortunately, we haven’t had a real vacation (with all of us together) since my 8 yr. old was born. Either one of us has to she goes on day trips with Mommy, and Daddy usually takes her with his side to the family to the shore….

  160. mary ellen salman said on

    Boycotting staycation is a goal of mine, this summer we traveled to the eastern shore of Maryland, various country and state fairs, and will continue the boycott with a trip to Daytona Beach next month, Busch Gardens would be right in our travel path

  161. Lois Fahie said on

    I boycott the staycation by not using the term in my daily life. The high price of gas is annoying but nothing comes between me and my time away except death or dismemberment. I even look at walking into the light as the ultimate in boycotting the staycation.

  162. Anita Allen said on

    We’ve boycotted the staycation by spending time on teh Eastern Shore of Maryland and soon we will be going to Hershey and Gettysburg, PA. Would love to head back to Williamsburg this year (spend one year at William and Mary – grad school).

  163. drove out west

  164. Erica C. said on

    I’m just trying to visit family all over so we save on lodging, but can still drive!

  165. robert t said on

    Well I live at the Jersey shore, so it’s easy to vacation here, but we have gone to NY and PA. Headed for Hershey in Oct.

  166. Kathleen Duran said on

    flew to FL

  167. Karen Warner said on

    went with husband to AZ on biz trip

  168. Donna Kozar said on

    Goin’ to Arizona

  169. robert mcloughlin said on

    I’d love to take the kids here

  170. I’ve already spent a few days in Arkansas and I’m planning a week in California in October. I think I can fit one more trip in this year.

  171. mary ellen salman said on

    Now that gas prices are coming down a little we can start looking at the map and boycott the staycation, we would love to visit Busch Gardens and maybe go to the North Carolina seashore been there in the fall it is gorgeous.

  172. Here’s a way to boycott staycations if your on a tight budget. When I cannot afford flights, I drive to a destination and stay at a descent hotel thru

    This new hotel site called searches all the major travel sites to find us the lowest hotel price. It apparently has the largest hotels database and searches sites for us like orbitz, expedia,, and about 30 other sites. Its other unique feature is the hotels map, helping us find the hotel in the exact area we want.

    I hope that helps everyone boycott staycations.

  173. Valarie Daveport said on

    I am a planner by nature. My family likes to take off for a day or a week and visit unusual sites. We have taken advantage of public parks, wilderness areas, tours and more. Mostly at very low costs or no cost. We have restless spirits so we like to get going whenever we can.

  174. Maureen Smallhorn said on

    I’ve been to Busch Gardens Tampa. Who needs a Staycation? I’d love to visit Wiliamsburg!

  175. Boycott the Staycation Ultimate Giveaway Busch Gardens Williamsburg | Cellulite Creams said on

    […] Boycott the Staycation Ultimate Giveaway Busch Gardens Williamsburg Posted by root 9 minutes ago ( So leave a comment and make some plans to enjoy howl o scream at busch gardens williamsburg we 39 ve boycotted the staycation also by going to virginia beach this summer we spent a week at vacation rental home in duck nc copyright 2009 traveling mamas pow Discuss  |  Bury |  News | Boycott the Staycation Ultimate Giveaway Busch Gardens Williamsburg […]