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For those of us who are addicted to coffee and its many variations, finding a decent cup of java while on the road can present a challenge. I’m a big Starbucks fan, but I occasionally frequent independent coffee shops, just for a little variety. Yesterday, I thought I would try McDonald’s new iced coffee drink that is being advertised. I’ve tried Burger King’s iced mocha in the past, and it would do in a pinch. I’ve also sampled Sonic’s frozen coffee blend, which while the taste was decent, I could feel the fat contained in this concoction sliding down my throat and straight to myRead More →

Today marks 50 years of The Daytona 500, a glorious day for race fans. This is the Super Bowl of car racing in the US, conducted at the birthplace of NASCAR. It is a day of honor and glory for men across our nation, a time where they can sit in their recliners wearing a sleeveless t-shirt, drinking beer and eating corn chips until the checkered flag is waved. But, for some NASCAR fans, this is not enough. They must make a pilgrimage to this Sacred Site of the Hemi. I took one such trip, trying to relive my teenage summers spent at Huntsville Speedway.Read More →

Mardi Gras isn’t just a trip for adults, it is also a great time for a family vacation. Kids and parents can learn about the history and culture of New Orleans, the event called Mardi Gras, and the food that makes this city so memorable. Take a step inside and old warehouse to discover the mysterious Krewe of Rex and dine on fine cuisine at Galatoire’s, a New Orleans favorite. Yesterday morning began with a limousine ride to the Rex Den. A den is the place where Krewes build and house their floats. The Rex Den is located in the 9th ward and many of the floats were damagedRead More →