My family is spending Christmas Eve in St. James Parish, Louisiana to witness the bonfires along the levee of the Mississippi River. This Cajun Christmas tradition dates back to 1870 when plantations would light bonfires here and there on Christmas Eve. Today, this humble tradition has become much bigger than a small family gathering. The first time I saw the bonfires was in 1987 on a visit to see the bonfires under construction. This year, I’ll be able to share this Louisiana tradition with my own children and maybe we’ll even read “A Cajun Night Befor Christmas” like my mother read to my brother andRead More →

The holiday season will find many travelers on the road, driving to visit relatives for that annual visit. Some travelers may opt to stay with their relatives while many others choose to stay in a hotel or vacation rental near the family gathering place. I know when my family travels, we not only try to pack healthy road trip snacks, but also to save money by not stopping at a drive through for every meal. My friends from The Pampered Chef sent me a holiday gift of new and classic items for making meal time easier for me and the family during this crazy holidayRead More →

It’s football season, and in the southern US that means the beginning of the SEC (Southeastern Conference) way of life for many of us. When we refer to football, we don’t mean futbol or soccer, we are referring to the cultural activities that occur on Saturday nights in households and cities around the south. This is a time where responsible citizens don facepaint and dress in all manner of fashion, in honor of their local university or favorite team. On college campuses everywhere, families pull in their RV motorhomes, break out the plastic partyware, and parents sit back drinking a cold one, usually with three televisions on silent,Read More →

While in New York City, was invited to test out a few new Chevy models coming to the market for 2011. The event was called Chevy Blogher (being that it was held just before Blogher began) and bloggers from around North America participated in the ride and drive. The plan was to break into small teams and drive the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze from Manhattan to Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, NY. Themeparkmom, MommyMusings, and I went with Chris, a representative from Chevrolet. We checked out the interior to see how comfortable and practical this vehicle would be for a family or group ofRead More →

All my life, I have driven on I-75 to and from Florida once, twice or a dozen times a year. And for those of you who have done it, you know that means you see a lot — a lot — of Georgia interstate. You also see a lot of fast-food joints and chain restaurants. But if you can wait to eat until you’re around Atlanta, there are a couple of gems just off the highway that are great for families. Here are my favorite spots for a meal along I-75 near Atlanta: The Varsity (I-75 Exit 249D) The Varsity has been serving up chiliRead More →

EZ Grill is just what the name implies – an easy way to grill. We tried out one of these inexpensive and convenient grills and I have admit that I loved how light and extremely portable EZ Grill is. This affordable grill had everything you need for tailgating this fall or taking along on that last minute family vacation. Plus, there’s no guilt because it’s 100% recyclable. The EZ Grill makes a Traveling Mama’s life so convenient while on a family road trip or campout that it’s been designated as On the Move Approved! Perfect for summer road trips, outdoor adventures and on-the-go entertainment, these instant, ready-to-useRead More →

As someone who tries to cram anywhere from two to five days of clothing in a single carry-on at least once or twice a month, packing for a road trip is a total luxury. I can load up a lot of “just in case” items that could come in handy, but that I would never bring on a trip involving air travel. Here are some things we bring along that might come in handy on your next road trip: Laundry detergent – I would much rather pack a few outfits and wash once or twice on the trip than have to pack a bunch ofRead More →

2010 is the 75th anniversary of the Blue Ridge Parkway – 469 miles of scenic roads that connect the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina to the Shenandoah Valley National Park in Virginia. The road construction began in 1935 as part of FDR’s New Deal job creation efforts, and I am so appreciative of the visionaries who thought to preserve the gorgeous waterfalls, upland meadows and forests that make up the terrain. It’s one of the best drives out there for families, and here are my Top 5 reasons why: 1. You have to slow down. No, really, you have to slow down.Read More →

Nothing can ruin a family vacation or road trip more than getting one of those unwanted speeding tickets. It could happen to anyone. You reach a long stretch of road, the car is a bit quiet because all the other passengers are asleep, you look at your spouse in the passenger seat and think, “I just want to get there.” That’s when you push a little more on the accelerator and pick up some speed. Sometimes, you get caught and if you do, you’ll never hear the end of it. Plus, that speeding ticket may end up costing you a whole lot more than you expected if youRead More →

We love interacting with readers on Facebook and Twitter and sometimes we even get questions asking for a bit of assistance. Recently a twitter follower asked a great question about good road trip food. Thanks for following us, @StaffordK and engaging with on Twitter. This is a great question that many of our readers would be interested in. We have covered some healthy road trip snacks in the past, but not regarding microwaves in the hotel room. Bringing a few snacks for your overnight stay or final destination can help alleviate some of the costs associated with a road trip. Here are some thingsRead More →