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Cherries hold a special place in my heart. My summers as a kid included afternoons of relaxing around my grandmother’s home in Alabama and snacking on fresh cherries with my aunt who’s only a few years older than me. I can’t forget about all those desserts that are topped with cherries. As I grew older, cherries could be found in my cocktails. However, I never considered the healthy aspects of snacking on cherries and quite frankly have taken them for granted. Now that I have my own children, health when snacking is something I take seriously, especially on all those family road trips we likeRead More →

Road trips for families with allergies can sometimes be a challenge. But, what’s a mama to do to help keep her kids as safe as possible on a road trip? Most cars build up dust and all sorts of other allergy triggers. I know for our family, even driving through an area where the grass has just been cut can be a trigger and we all start with the watering eyes and coughs. One tip that may alleviate allergy triggers on a road trip is be sure and have your air filter changed with your oil. Purolator BreatheEasy Cabin Filters are one option to keep theRead More →

A healthy road trip snack option is one of the most popular questions we get from our readers. All of our contributors take nutrition seriously when it comes not only to children, but also the parents. We’ve put together a list of healthy road tips snacks filled with both classics and new items we’ve tested. Snack Mix – Before any road trip, we make our own personalized bag of snack mix for each member of the family. All of the ingredients are set out on the counter and each member writes their name on a Ziploc plastic bag and then begins to make their favoriteRead More →

Is it really a good idea to bring a kid to a casino? It may not be tops on your list for a family vacation, but it is definitely worth looking into. Casinos aren’t just for senior travel anymore. A recent conversation about kids and casinos brought to mind my family’s weekend trip to Paragon Casino Resort in Marksville, LA. Yup, that’s correct. I used ‘casino’ and ‘family’ in the same sentence, something I thought I’d never do. Mr. CajunMama and I heard about Paragon’s new hotel with offerings for families. We decided to call and see if we could get a room, and were fortunateRead More →