Last year I took my first ski lessons, thanks to One thing I noticed about the fashion at the various ski resorts is that women want to look good both on and off the slopes. I had no idea what type of ski wear to pack for a cold weather destination. Keeping your feet warm and dry after a day on the slopes is important, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping with the current fashion. Here are some of the best apres ski boots that work for both function and fashion. Teva Kiru Boot – We love, not just because they’re friendly people,Read More →

Searching for the perfect holiday travel gift that won’t break the bank? Here are a few of our favorite travel gifts and gadgets that are affordable and practical for this holiday season. Monster Cable mini power strip – I travel EVERYWHERE with this travel sized power strip. It is compact and has saved my behind at many layovers. Have you ever arrived at your assigned gate only to find that the one plug in the entire airport is already claimed by two other travelers? I have yet to have someone tell me they won’t share their power with me once I show them this awesomeRead More →

On our recent visit to Las Vegas for a girlfriend getaway, we opted to try out a free tour of Zappos Headquarters, because we love free things to do in Vegas. Since we had arranged a special visit, our new friends with the Zappos Blog Team picked us up in the Blog Bus, which is amazingly similar to the Traveling Mamas logo. It was a match made in heaven! ThemeParkMom, MommyMusings, and I met Graham, Darren, and Pat who showed us around Zappos Headquarters. doesn’t just offer fabulous deals and products, but the work environment looks like absolute fun. Here’s a clip of ourRead More →

Consolidating all of a traveling mamas’ gear into one carry-on bag can be a daunting task. Shoes are items that can not only take up a lot of space, but can ruin the clothes you pack along beside them. A hot trend I’ve noticed lately is the wide variety of travel shoe bags available for all personalities. They’re not only practical, but they’re cute, too! Here are some of the best shoe bags and totes for women I’ve recently found: Peek-a-Boo by Leslie Hsu – These canvas shoe bags have a clear window so that your shoes are protected and you can see which shoes areRead More →

During our whirlwind tour of New York City during Blogher, had a chance to visit with the Hanes Comfort Crew and learn about organizing our socks and undies and getting the perfect fit for our personal mama support system (bras). The video included with our post gives you a behind the scenes look of what takes place during many of our brand meetings and research on finding the best products to bring to you, the readers. Celebrity stylist Jenn Falik shared her Hanes Fashion 411 tips and Michael Moloney of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition talked about the importance of cleaning out your drawers and startingRead More →

The fashion of Ralph Lauren has always been an inherent part of my life. During high school, I opted to switch from private to public school, just so I could wear something besides a white starched shirt and plaid skirt each day. I didn’t grow up wealthy, but I was raised by my grandmother to always dress nice, no matter where you’re going. I loved reading the fashion magazines in her beauty shop, dreaming of an African safari wearing Ralph Lauren or attend a polo match in the UK while donning Polo by Ralph Lauren. I spent my summers with the same grandmother and she wouldRead More →

I took my first real snow trip last year to Quebec’s Winter Carnival and had no idea what to pack. I live in a place where it rarely snows, so not only did I have a lack of knowledge about winter gear, but I knew that I would be hard pressed to find a store that carried these needed items. I did what I know best, I reached out to my friends in the travel and social media communities and was able to gather together a list of things to keep me warm and dry during my foray into the wilds of snow covered destinations.Read More →