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  • Last year I took my first ski lessons, thanks to One thing I noticed about the fashion at the various ski resorts is that women want to look good both on and off the slopes. I had no idea what type of ski wear to pack for a cold weather destination. Keeping your feet warm and dry after a day on the slopes is important, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping with the current fashion. Here are some of the best apres ski boots that work for both function and fashion.

    teva kiru apres ski boot print zapposTeva Kiru Boot – We love, not just because they’re friendly people, but because they offer great products at fabulous prices. These Teva Kiru print boots will keep your feet warm and cozy when the temperatures drop. The side zipper makes it easy to slide these boots on and the top laces help with taking these beauties off. They not only look fabulous with your apres ski attire, but they keep you upright with their non-marking Spider soles that help grip on slippery surfaces.

    apres ski boots Sorel Cate the Great ZapposSorel Cate the Great Boot – Waterproof construction is important when temperatures are below freezing. Sorel is one of the top brands that keep feet warm and dry in winter and these Sorel Cate the Great will help you look fashionable too. The upper is leather and suede and the recycled inner felt InnerBoot is removable. These boots even fit those with a little bit larger calf, which is sometimes hard to find with taller boots. Be aware that if you are looking for tight ankle support, these boots fit a little loose in that area.

    apres ski boots Keen Charleston Boot 6pmcomKeen Charleston Boot – Not everyone is comfortable wearing tall boots as their apres ski attire. Keen is a classic brand that produces quality products for all seasons. The Keen Charleston Boot boasts a soft, microfleece inner lining to keep your tootsies toasty. These boots aren’t just quality and will keep your feet warm and dry, they are also very light for apres ski boots and will be a welcome respite for your legs after a day on the slopes and the binding fit of ski boots. You can find these boots online at, the sister site of Zappos that offers AMAZING discount prices.

    apres ski boots Khombu Moon Boots Sierra Trading PostKhombu Moon Boots – The Khombu Moon Boots are cute, fur-trimmed waterproof boots for apres ski. They have a faux-fur lining and removable foam-cushioned insole. The rubber outsole is great for gripping icy sidewalks and stepping through snow to get to that apres-ski lunch or afternoon of shopping after a day’s adventure on the slopes. We found this boot and many others at

    Apres Ski boots Timberland Crystal Mountain CampmorTimberland Crystal Mountain Mid Pull-on Boots – Timberland is a classic outdoor adventure brand and their winter offerings won’t let anyone down. These Timberland Crystal Mountain Mid Pull-on Boots don’t have that bulky look of Timberland’s classic hiking boots. These are very fashionable for apres-ski adventures. The removable anti-fatigue footbed is an added aspect to these already quality boots. The rubber outsole not only provides traction on slippery surfaces, but it’s also eco-friendly. Campmor is one of the many places to purchase these apres ski boots for women.

    These are just a few of the many apres ski boots available for women. What are some of your favorite brands of winter boots?

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  • Red Christmas Ornament (c) Shannon Hurst Lane | TravelingMamas.comSearching for the perfect holiday travel gift that won’t break the bank? Here are a few of our favorite travel gifts and gadgets that are affordable and practical for this holiday season.

    Monster Cable mini power strip – I travel EVERYWHERE with this travel sized power strip. It is compact and has saved my behind at many layovers. Have you ever arrived at your assigned gate only to find that the one plug in the entire airport is already claimed by two other travelers? I have yet to have someone tell me they won’t share their power with me once I show them this awesome travel gear. It also comes in handy in hotels when charging all those gadgets.

    Bottlewise Bot’l Pak – Bottlewise has come up with a practical way to transport bottles of wine or other breakable items when checking luggage on a trip. Their innovative system not only keeps the bottle protected, but also helps keep your other items safe, should a leak occur. I have a Bottlewise Bot’l Pak wine travel bag, but hope that I get one of their new rollup bags under the tree.

    Travel Size Beauty Items – Since we are usually carry-on mamas, we’ve got compact packing down to an art. Travel size gift sets of our favorite body cleansers or beauty items make us very, very happy. ThemeparkMom found a great site,, which sells travel gift sets in TSA friendly sizes.

    The X-Shot – Have you ever been in one of those situations where you want that family photo but have no one to hold the camera and no place to set it for the timer shots? What about when traveling or trying to take a video of yourself? A few years ago I bought an X-Shot, the ultimate camera extender. There have been upgraded models to come on the market, but I still use the original.

    Shoes BagsShoe bags for travel aren’t boring anymore. We’ve found a variety of fashionable shoe bags that aren’t just practical, but make you smile when you pack for your next trip. Find one that fits any personality, from classic colors to bold prints.

    Coffee Travel Tumbler – Travel tumblers are perfect for the coffee lover on the go. This is an easy to find item available most anywhere. The particular coffee travel tumbler I take everywhere is sold on the Community Coffee company website as the New Orleans travel tumbler set. I love the way it fits in my hand, and of course I adore the design.

    Gloves for Touchscreen Mobile Phones – Do you have a touchscreen mobile phone and plan on traveling to a cold weather destination? Check out AGloves, the glove that works on touchscreen phones. We heard about these types of gloves last season and this year CarolinaMama has reviewed AGloves to see if they really work.

    These are just a few of our favorite travel gifts for the holidays. What are some of your favorite affordable travel gifts?

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  • On our recent visit to Las Vegas for a girlfriend getaway, we opted to try out a free tour of Zappos Headquarters, because we love free things to do in Vegas. Since we had arranged a special visit, our new friends with the Zappos Blog Team picked us up in the Blog Bus, which is amazingly similar to the Traveling Mamas logo. It was a match made in heaven!

    Zappos Blog Bus and

    ThemeParkMom, MommyMusings, and I met Graham, Darren, and Pat who showed us around Zappos Headquarters. doesn’t just offer fabulous deals and products, but the work environment looks like absolute fun. Here’s a clip of our adventure with the Zappos Blog Team:

    Zappos Insights offers free tours and even can arrange for shuttle pickup if needed. It’s not only free, but you’ll leave this place grinning. For an entertaining look behind the scenes of, check out the Blog Team at If their hilarious escapades don’t entice you buys something, then at least you’ll get a chuckle or two. Plus, they give you snacks!

    Don’t just take our word for it that this tour rocks. Even CC Chapman took a tour. You can read all about his experience at Content Rules.

    Zappos Office

    The core values of this company set a foundation for a happy workplace, which in turn makes happy customers. Have you shopped at or

    Special thanks and big virtual hugs to everyone at for making us feel like part of the Zappos Family.

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  • Consolidating all of a traveling mamas’ gear into one carry-on bag can be a daunting task. Shoes are items that can not only take up a lot of space, but can ruin the clothes you pack along beside them. A hot trend I’ve noticed lately is the wide variety of travel shoe bags available for all personalities. They’re not only practical, but they’re cute, too! Here are some of the best shoe bags and totes for women I’ve recently found:

    Peek-a-Boo by Leslie Hsu – These canvas shoe bags have a clear window so that your shoes are protected and you can see which shoes are in which bag. Currently they only come in two colors – magenta and beige, but at $14.99 for two, they’re tops on our list. Thanks, Leslie for sending us some samples to test out in the field. They are now a packing staple in my suitcase. These can be purchased online or in store at Bed Bath and Beyond.

    Zoe Tote on Etsy – These hand-sewn totes are cute, practical, and fashionable. Adorable woven cotton patterns created into hand sewn shoe totes and finished with a grosgrain ribbon and bead, designed to add flair to your favorite shoes. At $20, you’re not only investing in a fantastic travel accessory, but you’re supporting an independant artist. Purchase online at Zoe Tote’s Etsy Store.

    Lillian Vernon Shoe Tote – This is our bargain pick for a family packing a large suitcase. The shoe bag holds six pairs of small shoes. It isn’t compact like many of the other bags on our list, or is it the most stylish, but it is practical and keeps your shoes organized while on the go. This item can also be used at home if you have small living quarters. Just slide the shoe bag under the bed for storage. $19.99 on

    Shubi – These shoe totes are a bit more than some of the other shoe bags we recommend, but they are oh so fabulous! Shubi  shoe bags come in a variety of patterns and they’re lined in a coordinating fabric, keeping your shoes from getting scuffed and your finer fabrics from getting nicked by your heels.  The drawstring top is made with grosgrain ribbon and they are machine washable. Pick your favorite fabric and let your shoes travel in style with Shubi. $29 online.

    My Tote Chamberlain Shoe Bag – This fashionable shoe bag has been featured in Bride’s Magazine and Oprah Magazine. The shoe bag has two pockets, to keep your shoes from scraping each other during transport, or you can put the shoes on one side and undergarments in the other pocket. The Chamberlain also comes in a swimsuit bag (as seen in Oprah Magazine) and has a waterproof liner. This makes a good option for carrying liquids (in your checked baggage). $27.99 at

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  • During our whirlwind tour of New York City during Blogher, had a chance to visit with the Hanes Comfort Crew and learn about organizing our socks and undies and getting the perfect fit for our personal mama support system (bras). The video included with our post gives you a behind the scenes look of what takes place during many of our brand meetings and research on finding the best products to bring to you, the readers. Celebrity stylist Jenn Falik shared her Hanes Fashion 411 tips and Michael Moloney of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition talked about the importance of cleaning out your drawers and starting fresh with Hanes! And yes, getting a foot massage will get you everywhere with me 😉

    Here are some of’s tips for packing and also a few items from Hanes that help keep you comfortable and fresh while on your trip:

    1. Be sure to pack your shoes in their own drawstring bags so that you keep your clothing clean and germ free in your suitcase.

    2. Undies can be folded and rolled up and placed in empty corners and spaces of your bag.

    3. Taking care of your feet when traveling is very important. Pack socks that have a cushion or arch support to wear when touring on your travels. Hanes offers a variety of sock options for the entire family, including their All Day Dry socks and arch support socks.

    4. Save space in your bag and use socks for slippers when walking around your hotel room. I don’t know about you, but walking barefoot around a hotel room grosses me out. Hanes Casuals Cusion socks offer a soft thicker sole area and make for great slipper alternatives.

    5. Pack socks inside of your shoes. I can usually place two pair of socks in each shoe, saving space in my bag for other important items.

    6. Don’t ruin your bras in you bag. Stack them inside of each other and lay the stack out across the top of your suitcase. Yes, the TSA will get a look at your unmentionables, but at least your mama parts won’t look lopsided from having crushed cups.

    7. Bring along tanks with shelf bras. Hanes has tank shirts with shelf bras that won’t take up hardly any room in your bag and look great under casual sundresses or when you want to lounge around your hotel room in comfort.

    8. Eco friendly sweats work well for confort in colder climates. Fall is almost here and that means ski season will be upon us soon. While I don’t recommend wearing a sweatsuit to a restaurant, this clothing item is the ultimate in comfort when traveling. Hanes Ecosmart Collection offers sweatsuits made out of recycled waterbottles, making this a clean, green item.

    9. Pack a laundry bag for your dirties. Nothing is worse than living out of a suitcase going from location to location and having dirty undies, bras, and socks mixed in with the clean clothes. I always bring along a small laundry bag to place items that get gently used while on the road. Sometimes a mama just doesn’t have enough time to wash laundry while on a trip.

    10. Wash delicates in your hotel sink and hang them up overnight to dry. If you plan on being in one location for a few days, you can save space by utilizing the clothes line found in most hotel bathrooms. Wash in the sink. Rinse. And then hang your delicates to dry overnight.

    These are just a few of the many tips we found from experience in traveling frequently. With the increase in baggage fees, we here at have learned to save money and space by taking advantage of smart ways to pack a carry on bag so that we can travel and still have all the neccessities needed for personal comfort.

    Disclosure: I did get a foot massage provided by Hanes at the Hanes Social Media Event in NYC. While that would be enough of an incentive for me to mention the brand (since I had just walked a few New York blocks to get to the party), I have purchased Hanes products for decades and have no issue in mentioning a brand that I use in daily life. Special thanks to Erika Lehmann of for inviting me and MommyMusings as her guests. Be sure to watch the video and see some amazing power bloggers talk about how they use Hanes.

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