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The fashion of Ralph Lauren has always been an inherent part of my life. During high school, I opted to switch from private to public school, just so I could wear something besides a white starched shirt and plaid skirt each day. I didn’t grow up wealthy, but I was raised by my grandmother to always dress nice, no matter where you’re going. I loved reading the fashion magazines in her beauty shop, dreaming of an African safari wearing Ralph Lauren or attend a polo match in the UK while donning Polo by Ralph Lauren. I spent my summers with the same grandmother and she wouldRead More →

I took my first real snow trip last year to Quebec’s Winter Carnival and had no idea what to pack. I live in a place where it rarely snows, so not only did I have a lack of knowledge about winter gear, but I knew that I would be hard pressed to find a store that carried these needed items. I did what I know best, I reached out to my friends in the travel and social media communities and was able to gather together a list of things to keep me warm and dry during my foray into the wilds of snow covered destinations.Read More →