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  • tugoThis would be a really good product to have if I wasn’t already a fan of my backpack. If I end up bringing another bag, I suck up the fee and check it because I refuse to torture myself by navigating an airport loaded down. However, I did test this item out by attaching it to my rolling bag and walking around the house and down the driveway with it. My neighbors may think I’m a bit strange, but I didn’t spill a drop of my Community Coffee.

    Company Description: The tugo is a cup holder that keeps your drink suspended between the upright handles of your rolling bag. Its unique design keeps your cup level to prevent sloshing. Easily attached and removed, tugo collapses to fit in any pocket of your carry-on luggage.

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  • gogirl_prodshot3_hpA few months ago a friend sent me a link to an Australian commercial hawking a similar product. It helps gals stand up to pee. I’m a country girl and have no qualms with squatting behind a bush, but I do know that I always wonder if something is going to bite my behind. Maybe I should try this product out, strange as it seems. I’m thinking it is a popular item because the company was out of samples each time I came across their reps at Blogher09.

    Company Description: Simply put, GoGirl is the way to stand up to crowded, disgusting, distant or non-existent bathrooms.  It’s a female urination device (sometimes called a FUD) that allows you to urinate while standing up. It’s neat. It’s discreet. It’s hygienic.

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  • poopourriPoo-Pourri – I noticed this product in gift shops around where I live and had to giggle and point it out to my shopping companions. The concept is actually pretty smart, even if people won’t admit to buying it. My husband was kind enough to try this product out and says it should be available at his office, for some of his coworkers. Why use Febreeze when you’ve got Poo-Pourri? Plus, it is quite funny to say the product name. Live in a dorm? Have a IBS? Sharing a hotel room with people or have to make a pit stop at the airport? Do those around you a favor, get some Poo-Pourri!

    Company Product Description: Spray the Loo before No. 2 and no one will ever have a clue! Stop embarrassing odor with our patent pending bathroom freshener. Our natural essential oils create a film on the surface of the water, trapping odor at it’s source. A Fresh Blend of Natural Essential Oils leave Only the Sweetest Scent Behind! This Sweet Bouquet of Mandarin, Bergamot and Orange Enhanced by Hints of Peach and Berries is a Perfect Gift For Tween to College Age Girls!

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  • country-walkerA while back I was gathering review items for a “snow virgin” story, and along came a pair of waterproof GORE-TEX® hiking boots. Fortunately, I had a camping trip in the works (since the boots weren’t insulated), so I tried out the pair of New Balance GORE-TEX® Country Walker Boots. These are my thoughts about the product:

    Quality: Definitely a quality product that seems as if it will last a few years. The leather upper keeps this boot sturdy. This GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort boot keeps feet dry and protected by being durably waterproof and breathable. Rubber sole for traction and Abzorb® technology in the heel and forefoot helps to soak up the shock, while the Rollbar® minimizes rear-foot movement for enhanced stability on anything.

    Environment/Use: The GORE-TEX® boots tested will work well for those with outdoor lifestyles and day/trail hiking. I would not suggest taking it in cold climates due to the fact that there is no insulation in this product. However, being that this is a GORE-TEX® product, it is guaranteed to be waterproof and breathable.

    Price: The MSRP is $139US. The last time I purchased a pair of hiking shoes, I spent right at $100US. That was also a few years ago and they were New Balance. If I were in the market to purchase a pair of hiking boots, I would have a strong affinity to purchase a pair of New Balance GORE-TEX® Country Walker Boots, not only for the waterproof material, but for the comfort of the boot, as well. The last pair I purchased took me up a few mountains, but it these have a bit more of an ankle support.

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  • A while back I was searching for something small and easy to use that could record snippets to provide content for my YouTube page. A wise family travel blogger I know, Sheila of BootsNAll’s Family Travel Logue, mentioned that I should try the Flip Ultra Video. She claimed it was so easy and simple that a kindergartener could use it. So, the research began.

    flip ultra videoI found the Flip Ultra Corporate Site that listed its predecessor and also a newer models, the Flip Mino and Flip Mino HD. I compared all of them, including available accessories, such as a mini tripod and even an action mount for catching those skydiving trips. Both the Ultra and the Mino looked really cool with just a few differences. The Mino is a little smaller and has a rechargeable battery, whereas the Ultra can still fit in a pocket and uses two AA batteries. The Mino is also more expensive at $179.99US MSRP and only comes in black or white. The Ultra is listed at $149.99 and comes in a variety of cool colors.

    I searched on eBay. I checked out Amazon. I even went to Target and Walmart searching for this elusive gadget. I wanted to see it in person before I purchased it. I had given up my quest that day and continued on to Sam’s Wholesale Club to satisfy my inner bulkaholic before calling it a day. Imagine my delight when I saw, illuminated under fluorescent lighting, a large pyramid stack of Flip Ultra Videos for $124.99 each. What a steal! Of course, I added it to the grocery bill and crossed my fingers that my hubby wouldn’t notice.

    I couldn’t wait to check out and opened my new treasure in RedBugg. My son was so excited, he tore at the plastic casing with his teeth like a puppy with a new peanut butter filled Kong. He placed the batteries in it and began recording with one touch. When we arrived home, we popped out the USB arm and plugged it into the computer. The easy to load software comes pre-loaded in the camera and is super easy to use.

    So far, we’ve taken that little find and filmed numerous travel memories. Heck, we’ve even dropped this thing a few times and it is still going strong. This fun, easy, and affordable little gadget definitely gets the seal of approval from me. Thanks for the tip, Sheila!

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