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  • Jack and Jill Movie official posterThe movie Jack and Jill, starring Adam Sandler, Katie Holmes, and Al Pacino hits the big screen on 11-11-11. The movie is a comedy and looks absolutely hilarious, especially since Adam Sandler plays twins in the film. In the movie, the family goes on a holiday cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas. I can’t wait to see this movie. Here’s a bit of behind-the-scenes footage of Jack and Jill provided by Royal Caribbean.

    To plan your family cruise, check out our cruise section for helpful information, including cruise ship reviews.

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  • I was invited to New York City to meet and interview Queen Latifah, star of Zyrtec Parks Unleashed video game on YouTube. Unfortunately, an unplanned surgery kept me in Louisiana, but Queen Latifah agreed to chat via Skype.

    We chatted about good food in Louisiana, allergies when we travel, Queen Latifah’s favorite trips, and her upcoming movie with Dolly Parton — Joyful Noise.

    This interview opportunity was arranged by Zyrtec. No compensation was given and I enjoyed the conversation with Queen Latifah. You can find out more about dealing with allergies when you travel by visiting You follow Queen Latifah on Twitter @IAMQueenLatifah.

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  • This travel tip isn’t just for the holidays, it’s for anytime you have to travel with a carry-on bag and need to bring health and beauty items through security.

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  • We’re sharing holiday travel tips this week on Our first travel tip is from CarolinaMama. She shares her holiday travel tip from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport:

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  • Video slideshow of fine dining restaurant in Las Vegas – Sage at Aria Casino.

    Can’t see the video? Watch it on YouTube.

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