The movie Jack and Jill, starring Adam Sandler, Katie Holmes, and Al Pacino hits the big screen on 11-11-11. The movie is a comedy and looks absolutely hilarious, especially since Adam Sandler plays twins in the film. In the movie, the family goes on a holiday cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas. I can’t wait to see this movie. Here’s a bit of behind-the-scenes footage of Jack and Jill provided by Royal Caribbean. To plan your family cruise, check out our cruise section for helpful information, including cruise ship reviews.Read More →

I was invited to New York City to meet and interview Queen Latifah, star of Zyrtec Parks Unleashed video game on YouTube. Unfortunately, an unplanned surgery kept me in Louisiana, but Queen Latifah agreed to chat via Skype. We chatted about good food in Louisiana, allergies when we travel, Queen Latifah’s favorite trips, and her upcoming movie with Dolly Parton — Joyful Noise. This interview opportunity was arranged by Zyrtec. No compensation was given and I enjoyed the conversation with Queen Latifah. You can find out more about dealing with allergies when you travel by visiting You follow Queen Latifah on Twitter @IAMQueenLatifah.Read More →

This travel tip isn’t just for the holidays, it’s for anytime you have to travel with a carry-on bag and need to bring health and beauty items through security. Want to submit your own holiday travel tip? Send us a link to your video and we’ll post it here on More →

We’re sharing holiday travel tips this week on Our first travel tip is from CarolinaMama. She shares her holiday travel tip from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport: Do you have a holiday travel tip you’d like to share? Send us the link to your video through our contact page and we’ll post it on More →

Last month I had the opportunity to attend a BlogWorld Expo keynote by Brian Solis with Mark Burnett, legendary reality show producer. The room as full of bloggers wanting to hear words of wisdom from Mark Burnett as he told stories of Survivor and the challenges of his latest production, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, set to air on TLC November 14. If one takes away the political background of Sarah Palin and looks at this show objectively, it’s a very good travel show offering beautiful landscape views and an inside look of family adventure activities in Alaska. The show has been ridiculed on various talk shows, but it makesRead More →

On our recent visit to Las Vegas for a girlfriend getaway, we opted to try out a free tour of Zappos Headquarters, because we love free things to do in Vegas. Since we had arranged a special visit, our new friends with the Zappos Blog Team picked us up in the Blog Bus, which is amazingly similar to the Traveling Mamas logo. It was a match made in heaven! ThemeParkMom, MommyMusings, and I met Graham, Darren, and Pat who showed us around Zappos Headquarters. doesn’t just offer fabulous deals and products, but the work environment looks like absolute fun. Here’s a clip of ourRead More →

Choosing a cruise excursion can be a tough thing to do. Many cruise passengers are watching their budgets and wanting to avoid the crowds. I’m not big on being herded around in large groups, following the leader who is carrying a sign. Cruises have been getting bad reps, when it comes to the crowd aspect of destinations, however, as noted in our Cozumel Cruise video, you can avoid the crush. Here are some of our tips on how to watch your wallet and enjoy yourself while taking a cruise stop in Cozumel. I’ve stopped in Cozumel on two of my last cruises and found that there are aRead More →

What’s Included in Your Cruise (video) Travel and cruise questions are some of the items that come into the inbox. Recently, I answered this question on air with WAFB, a Baton Rouge area news station. One thing I realized during the interview is that the time was way too short to get all the juicy details mentioned. If you have travel questions you’d like answered on air, be sure to send me an email to Travel at WAFB dot com. If you’re planning your first cruise, these tips may help save you a few dollars. Q: When travelers book a cruise, what exactly are theyRead More →