Celebrity Getaway at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA

by CajunMama

Have you ever wanted to go back in time, to the golden days of old Hollywood, but you didn’t want to sacrifice the luxury of today? This is The Beverly Hilton, an icon that first opened in 1955 and has probably had every celebrity walk through its doors. Today, The Beverly Hilton holds more than 175 Red Carpet events each year, including that famous awards show, The Golden Globes.

The Beverly Hilton is location for manhy red carpet events, including The Golden Globe Awards.

The Beverly Hilton is location for manhy red carpet events, including The Golden Globe Awards.

I was hosted by The Beverly Hilton so that I could get a chance to have my own taste of stardom, if only for a moment or two. This hotel is the perfect base to feel like a celebrity while one is in town for a girlfriend getaway of shopping on Rodeo Drive or meeting with agents and producers.

One of the first things I did when I arrived was to check out the bathroom – the one with the pink marble in the International Ballroom. I had an amazing moment, all alone in that large lavatory, looking at myself in the full length mirror, thinking of all the glamorous ladies who have stood in that same exact spot to check their lipstick before accepting their Golden Globe. What an experience!

I jumped on the bed at The Beverly Hilton Hotel.

I jumped on the bed at The Beverly Hilton Hotel.

The Rooms – I stayed in a King Room at The Wilshire Tower. It may not have been the suite of rooms that most foreign kings stay in, but I sure did feel like royalty. One of the coolest amenities? The matini shaker with Starburst logo and all the ingredients for their signature cocktail. The bed was comfy, the room was clean, and the walls were soundproof. Of course, I had to check out the soundproof walls by blaring the music from the radio and dancing around, ending with throwing myself on the bed in glee. Shhh! Don’t tell the manager.

Circa 55 Restaurant Crab Cake by Shannon Hurst Lane

Yummy Crab Cake at Circa 55 Restaurant inside The Beverly Hilton Hotel.

The Food – Circa 55 Restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I enjoyed the crab cake as a meal, even though it was listed as an appetizer. Trader Vic’s was a fun place for a meal, which isn’t complete without their famous Mai Tai. Of course, room service is always an option for superstars who just can’t leave their rooms. I even found out that a number of screenwriters and authors hole themselves up at The Beverly Hilton so that they can complete their projects. Of course, this hotel caters to the craziest of food requests in an effort to please visitors. My favorite place in the entire property? Le Chateau, a fine wine and chocolate boutique. It is conveniently located near an ATM, where one can watch the celebrities make a withdrawal!

The Aqua Star Pool is the largest pool in Beverly Hills, CA.

The Aqua Star Pool is the largest pool in Beverly Hills, CA.

The Spa – The Aqua Star Spa is located right around the corner from Circa 55 Restaurant and near the Aqua Star Pool (the largest pool in Beverly Hills). The spa wasn’t always there, but the pool has played hostess to some of the most amazing events. Remember those old movies with water ballet and ladies in flowered swim caps? The most famous water artist of them all, Esther Williams, declared the Aqua Star Pool as her favorite and even took an inaugural swim during the hotel’s opening. Oh my, to have seen her dive through all those floating gardenias and entertain onlookers.

Wine and Chocolate tasting room at Le Chateau in The Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Wine and Chocolate tasting room at Le Chateau in The Beverly Hilton Hotel.

The Location – Besides having the most famous zip code ever (90210) The Beverly Hilton is conveniently located to Rodeo Drive Shopping and popular nightclubs. I enjoyed an early morning stroll around the corner for a morning coffee and people watching. The hotel offers a car service that will drop visitors off within a certain area and pick them up, if available. I have to admit, it was really cool to be chauffered around in a black town car and dropped off behind Chanel. Crazy cool!

The Price – The rack rate of The Beverly Hilton may be a bit steep, but when taking into account the location and the experience, it can’t compare. I’m saving up so that I can return with my daughter, who will hyperventilate should we ever get the chance to visit the Los Angeles area together. For those that don’t hang around celebrities, but want to pretend they do, just for a day or two (without the crazy stalker aspect), then The Beverly Hilton is just the place.

Yes, having me at The Beverly Hilton was country come to town, but I will smile a secret little smile the next time The Golden Globe Awards air, knowing that I’ve been there and checked my own lipstick.

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1 Amy @ The Q Family October 27, 2009 at

Star for a night or two sounds good. :) Is it also family-friendly? This hotel is on priceline so you might be able to get a less steep price from them if you are lucky. ;)
.-= Amy @ The Q Family´s last blog ..5 Easy Steps to Start Bidding on Priceline =-.

2 Shannon October 27, 2009 at

Yes, it is actually a very family friendly hotel. During the summer and some holidays they offer family discovery specials. Celebrity factor or not, it is such a retro funky fun place that has to be experienced at least once, if one chooses to vacation in that area.
.-= Shannon´s last blog ..Celebrity Getaway at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA =-.

3 Barbara at Hole in the Donut Travels October 27, 2009 at

Oh my! I’d have to forego the wine bar but what i wouldn’t do to take a crack at that chocolate tasting bar!
.-= Barbara at Hole in the Donut Travels´s last blog ..Blogging Boomers Carnival #136 Hosted by Contemporary Retirement =-.

4 Anil October 27, 2009 at

It’s nice to travel in style on occasion. Btw, I would have done the same with the sound-proof walls and tried to see how sound proof thy really are!
.-= Anil´s last blog ..10 Things To Know Before Your Next Trip To Panama =-.

5 Jet Set Life October 28, 2009 at

I definitely would consider this fantastic place on my next travel. I have this passion of staying in places like this every time I go somewhere for our video shoot. Thanks a lot for the info!

6 vernon @ romantic weekend breaks January 9, 2010 at

It looks like a fabulous place to stay to me. Next time I am feeling like spoiling myself maybe
.-= vernon @ romantic weekend breaks´s last blog ..Romantic Weekend Getaways =-.

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