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  • Cherries – A Healthy Road Trip Snack for the Entire Family

    Cherries hold a special place in my heart. My summers as a kid included afternoons of relaxing around my grandmother’s home in Alabama and snacking on fresh cherries with my aunt who’s only a few years older than me. I can’t forget about all those desserts that are topped with cherries. As I grew older, cherries could be found in my cocktails. However, I never considered the healthy aspects of snacking on cherries and quite frankly have taken them for granted. Now that I have my own children, health when snacking is something I take seriously, especially on all those family road trips we like to take.

    dried cherriesI recently received a number of dried cherry packets to sample with my family. I’ve not only shared them with friends and family, but we’ve all been sneaking a cherry here and there because they taste like candy. We decided to make a trail mix as a healthy road trip snack with cherries and even gave the recipe and some cherries to our neighbor who is soon taking a two week road trip to Yellowstone.

    The cherries weren’t the only items to arrive in the promotional package. I was also sent a beautiful Kashmere travel set, a Tory Burch small cosmetic case, and a reusable tote from the Cherry Marketing Institute printed with the website All the items are a beautiful cherry red (that even match my car). I checked out the sponsor website and didn’t realize all the benefits of consuming these delicious cherries. Here are some facts that surprised me:

    Jet Lag Relief – I fly frequently, so finding out that cherries are rich in melatonin. Melatonin helps regulate the natural sleep cycle so that weary travelers can be restored to normal sleeping patterns, which eases jet lag.

    Pain Relief – Cherries are particularly rich in anthocyanins – compounds that researchers have linked to reduced inflammation in the body. This means that arthritis and other inflammatory diseases can possibly be managed with cherry juice or the actual cherry itself. They’ve also been known to help runners recover more quickly post-race.

    Good for your Heart – Cherries are considered a “Super Fruit” and some studies have shown that consuming cherries helps reduce infection and inflammation due to heart disease.

    I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on tv, but I do know one thing – cherries taste really good! I’ll be making a conscious effort to make cherries part of our daily culinary routine and make sure that we pack them along on our future travels. In fact, I just may take a visit to the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City, MI being held in a few weeks. I’ll be sure to bring along a pack of cherries to snack on during my travels. Be sure to check out for more information on the health benefits of cherries or to find a few tasty recipes for travel and home.

    Want to try some delicious cherries and get your hands on the designer items mentioned in this post? Check out and leave a comment stating which recipe on the site is your favorite. One winner will be randomly chosen through Contest closes Monday, June 28 at 11:59 pm CST with winner being announced sometime the next day. Open to US residents 18 years of age or older. Prize is (1) Tory Burch small cosmetic bag in red, (1) Kashmere travel set with scarf, socks, eye mask, and pillow case in red, (1) logo reusable tote, and a few samples of cherries. MSRP valued at over $345.00 US.

    Review items and prizes sponsored by the Cherry Marketing Institute but in no way influenced opinion in this article. The cherries really were delicious!

    Winner Update: Congrats to Leanne, lucky number 13!

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  1. Lisa Wright said on

    I like the chocolate cherry recovery drink. I’m watching my calorie and fat intake and 210 calories and 10 g of fat with 8 g of protein. I think it’s more filling than one of those lame recovery bars and taste better too.

  2. Colleen S said on

    The Grilled Banzino sounds great..

  3. Annette D said on

    The Cherry Pecan Energy Bars sound so good! When I was growing up, we had 3 cherry trees in our front yard and my Mom made the most wonderful cherry pies and cherry preserves!

  4. Cherry Nut spread

  5. I’d love to try the Cherry Vanilla Oatmeal!

  6. Reduced Sugar Cherry Pie looks good

  7. Darlene A said on

    I think the cherry trail mix is something my whole family would enjoy.

  8. Linda Fish said on

    I would like the Triple Threat Scones with Orange Drizzle

  9. The cherry chicken salad sounds different!

  10. Spiced Cherry Popcorn Mix sounds really good–I wouldn’t have thought to mix cherries and popcorn!

  11. susann varney said on

    would like to try the Oatmeal Cherry Cookies

  12. Lori M. said on

    Cherry cornbread

  13. Choco-Cherry Smoothies sound so delicious!

  14. I’d like to try making the Cherry Oatmeal Muffins..what a great breakfast idea.

  15. Annette Mendez said on

    The “Very Cherry Crunch Cake ” Yummy! Lots of healthly stuff in there! I have never heard of turbinado sugar- interesting.

  16. Amber G said on

    My favorite recipe is the Cherry Biscotti!

  17. Shirley Hodge said on

    We had a red sour cherry tree from which my grandmother made the best cherry pies I have ever tasted. When my mom and dad bought the house the former owner stated that the tree was pretty useless as the birds got all the cherries first but my dad fixed that. He went up to Sears and Roebuck and bought an entire bolt of cheesecloth and from the moment the flowers fell he draped the tree in the cheesecloth. The berries got all the sun they needed and grew well and the birds just sat in the other trees squaking their frustration. Of all the recipes the Open-Faced Turkey Melt with Cherry-Cabbage Slaw sounds most delicious.

  18. Cherry Buttermilk Scones – Love Scones ans cherries- what a great mix

  19. The cherry salsa sounds amazing! I love fruit salsas, but I’ve never tried cherry. Yum!

  20. Holly C. said on

    great site with lots of good receipes, I think I will make the Cherry Oatmeal Muffins!

  21. Angela J said on

    The Cherry Granola Bread sounds good, I have never tried dried cherries, they sound delicious.

  22. Linda Lansford said on

    I want to make Pork Medallions with Cherry Sauce

  23. Diane R. said on

    I want to try Cherry Rice Pilaf with my favorite kind of rice–Forbidden Rice.

  24. sheila k. said on

    cherry pecan energy bars sound delish.

  25. I’d try the Cherry Vanilla oatmeal since I usually have oatmeal for breakfast.

  26. I like the recipe for Chocolate Cherry buttermilk scones.

  27. Christie Roberts said on

    For sure the Cherry Buttermilk Scones! Yummmm. Thanks 🙂

  28. the Cherry Vanilla Oatmeal sounds delish!

  29. Ellen Ring said on

    I think the Double Cherry Pumpkin Muffins would be perfect for my family.

  30. Aisling said on

    Everyone in our family loves scones and the Triple Threat Scones with Orange Drizzle sound delicious as well as nutritious.

  31. Brenda S. said on

    I live in Livonia about 4 hours from Traverse City and we drive up almost every weekend to our friends cottage on Duck Lake. We will be Up North for the Cherry Festival. When you’re in Traverse City make sure to stop by Hoxie Farm for fresh cherries, The Cherry Store for some cherry wine and Traverse Bay Farms for some of their cherry salsa.

  32. Kellie Wilson said on

    The cherry cornbread sounds beyond amazing!! 🙂

  33. Shirley said on

    The cherry oatmeal muffins sound delicious and I plan to make them

  34. Carol Harrity said on

    Cherries have long been a favorite and I use dried cherries in oatmeal cherry cookies. The low calorie cherry pie sounds great.

  35. Christie said on

    I think the Super Berry Shortbread would be my favorite recipe.

  36. Kristi C said on

    Tangy Cherry Tea Sorbet.

  37. hminnesota said on

    I love Cherry Oatmeal Muffins! looks so delicious.

  38. Maureen said on

    Cherry-Banana Raisin Bread Pudding sounds too delicious.

  39. Christine said on

    the cherry trail mix

  40. Nanette Olson said on

    The Cherry Pecan Energy Bars sound really good.

  41. Kristina P. said on

    I really would like to try the Cherry Vanilla Oatmeal. It sounds delicious.

  42. Theresa said on

    I would like to try the crunchy cherry party mix…. sounds great and is easy to make!

  43. The Sweet Potatoes with Cherry Glaze sounds absolutely delicious. I bookmarked it so I can try it out in the future. I adore sweet potatoes and cherries, so you can’t go wrong there. Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  44. Jill Myrick said on

    The Cherry and Turkey Rolled Sandwiches sound delicious.
    Thank you so much for the giveaway.


  45. I’d love to try the Pork Chops with Cherry Sauce–Yummo!

  46. Paula Hafner said on

    The Cherry Granola Bread sounds really good. I’m saving the site so I can try the recipe.

  47. My favorite is cherry granola bread.

  48. Rachel S. said on

    Cherry-Banana Raisin Bread Pudding – all my favorites in one!

    rachelschmidt at gmail dot com

  49. Jill B. said on

    Now if I could keep cherries around long enough to put in a recipe….I seem to snack them up so quickly. So many recipes look really good, but I would probably pick the Cherry Pecan Energy Bars first. Thanks.

  50. I like the recipe for cherry-nectarine salsa

  51. Sharon Harmon said on

    I think the Super Berry Shortbread sounds scrumptious!

  52. David Patterson said on

    The cherries would be great to cook with!

  53. Katie Picklesimer said on

    would love to try oatmeal cherry cookies!!

  54. taylorbagels said on

    Whole Wheat Cherry Scones recipe is my pick!

  55. Michael said on

    Pork Medallions with Cherry sauce

  56. The cherry cornbread looks good.

  57. I really like the Cherry Biscotti

  58. Cherry Chili sounds really interesting!

  59. Sue Farrell said on

    I would like to try making the Champion Cherry Bars.

  60. I would love to try the Cherry Rice Pilaf. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway! 🙂

  61. If I win, is there any chance we can scrap the trinkets and just send $300 worth of dried cherries instead? I love ’em but they’re expensive (like $12 per pound here – I pay less than half that for Prime Rib!)!! Anyway, I love to eat them straight up, but I guess I could try some trail mix or something 🙂

  62. Cherry Chicken Salad yumm!

  63. Richard T. said on

    I want to try the Sweet Potatoes with Cherry Glaze recipe.

  64. I want to try the Chocolate-Cherry Buttermilk Scones recipe!

  65. Melissa D said on

    Cherry Creme Brulee! Be still, my heart!

  66. Sarah Hirsch said on

    What a nice prize pack. 🙂 I would try the Super Berry Shortbread

  67. The Mango Cherry Avocado Salad recipe looks delicious. I’d love to try this refreshing recipe this summer.

  68. Sharon Seneker said on

    Cherry Chicken Salad sounds good to me! Fingers crossed! Thanks!

  69. Pauline M said on

    What wonderful recipes on this site! I’ve just printed out the Triple Threat Scones with Orange Drizzle to try out on my kids next weekend!

  70. tamatha said on

    pork chops with cherry sauce sounds yummy.

  71. All the recipes sound delicious but I’d like to try the Cherries Creme Brulee first.

  72. Erica C. said on

    Cherry cornbread sounds the best to me.

  73. Darcy B said on

    They all sound yummy especially the Very Cherry Crunch Cake!

  74. Julie K said on

    The Carrots With Character recipe sounds like a nice way to spice up carrots. Thanks!

  75. Amanda D. said on

    I like the Cherry Tiramisu

    macd9900 at gmail dot com

  76. Angela Winesburg said on

    I would love to make the Thyme Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Cherries, thanks!

  77. Holly G. said on

    The Cherry Buttermilk Scones sound delicious!

  78. Kristi Blackstone said on

    My fav. would be the Cherry Jam recipe…

  79. Spiced Cherry Popcorn Mix sounds great!

  80. Cherry chili, yummmmmmm-o.

  81. Jennifer gersch said on

    Spiced Cherry Popcorn Mix

  82. Tracey Byram said on

    I’d like to try the Oatmeal Cherry Cookies.

  83. Kimberly said on

    The Cherry Chocolate Recovery Drink sounds so yummy. I might at some Three Olives Cherry for a little extra kick too. 🙂 Thank you!

  84. brandlyn said on

    I will really have to try the Cherry Oatmeal Muffins for my kids. Sounds like a yummy treat for breakfast.

  85. Confetti Couscous Salad with Dried Cherries! Oh my, that sounds wonderful!

  86. Shellie said on

    Mmm…pork medallions with cherry sauce.

  87. Cherry Nut Spread sounds delish!

  88. Jennifer G said on

    I like the Chocolate Cherry recovery drink.

  89. Joanne Schultz said on

    Pork Chops with Cherry Sauce sounds delicious!

  90. kathy pease said on

    id love to try the Cherry Butternut Squash Stuffing

  91. anna t. said on

    I want to try the Pork Chops with Cherry Sauce.

  92. The Cherry Trail mix is awesome! I saw it from here and I made it and it’s great!

  93. Catharine R said on

    Like the Cherry Cornbread recipe …. something I will try!

  94. Cherry oatmeal muffins sound great!!!

  95. Charity S. said on

    I like the Cherry Creme Brulee. Thanks

  96. I bet the Tangy Cherry Tea Sorbet tastes amazing!

  97. Mary Ellen Rowe said on

    The red rustic tart sounds delish…and I just may prepare this when I am in Northern Michigan next week for the TC Cherry Festival! (that is, if we survive the 3 day road trip from San Antonio!)

  98. Melanie said on

    I love trying new salads lately, so the Curried Chicken Salad sounds perfect!

  99. Kathy Scott said on

    Oatmeal Cherry Cookies sound healthy but still really good.

  100. Maja Meza said on

    Triple Threat Scones with Orange Drizzle

  101. carol y said on

    Cherries are my favirite fruit and I have arthritis so this would be wonderful to try and see how it works.
    I think the Cherry Pecan Energy Bars sound great!

  102. Cherry Bran muffins sound mmmmm-mmmmm good!!

  103. I’d like trying Chocolate-Cherry Buttermilk Scones
    xbeautifulcoma at yahoo dot com

  104. Pamela S said on

    I’d love to try the “Cherry Butternut Squash Stuffing ” The picture looks yummy! Thanks.

  105. Breanne said on

    I would like to try the Chocolate-Cherry Buttermilk Scones

  106. I like the classic cherry pie.

  107. Justine said on

    I checked out and I would like to try the ‘Triple Threat Scones with Orange Drizzle’!

  108. Melissa B. said on

    Very Cherry Crunch Cake is my favorite.

  109. Charlene said on

    My fave is the Cherry Smart Carrot Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting.

  110. Julie Jones said on

    Wow the Cherry Biscotti look awesome. I would love to win this. Thank you.

  111. brian e. said on

    Thanks for the giveaway…the Oatmeal Cherry Cookies have piqued our interest !

  112. Double Cherry Pie sounds yummy!

  113. Veronica Garrett said on

    The Double Cherry Pie is my favorite.

  114. Very Cherry Crunch Cake

  115. heather c said on

    Hello, Mango Cherry Avocado Salad! I love all three things in the title, so I can just imagine how yummy the whole thing is!

  116. Charlene Kuser said on

    My favorite recipe is the Super Fruit Cobbler.I think this would be a great
    dessert for the family

  117. Sarah L said on

    I’d like to try the Cherry-Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas . Thanks for the contest.

  118. R Hicks said on

    One of my favorites is Multi-Grain Cherry Pilaf . Sounds tasty and very healthy!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  119. The recipe for Thyme Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Cherries sounds wonderful.