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  • Giveaway: William Joseph CD BEYOND

    I’ve been searching for road trip music for all the many road trips I have planned this summer. I like to find tracks that go with the destination, kind of like my own soundtrack. I came across artist William Joseph, who released a new CD, BEYOND. I decided to do a little research on him and found out that not only is he a very talented pianist and composer, but he’s also a hottie (sorry single mamas, he’s married).

    William Joseph’s new CD offers a variety of compositions, like the forceful “Standing the Storm,” the edgy “Asturias,” also “Heroes” and the dramatic “Kashmir” which is a reworking of the Led Zeppelin classic

    William Joseph Beyond

    William says the title track sums up the entire album for him,” If someone asks me what my music sounds like, I would play the ‘Beyond,’” He says. “Making this album took me on an intense journey through all these feelings that I feel –romantic, hopeful, excited, intense—and I hope anyone who listens can relate, and go on that journey with me.”

    You can take William’s music with you on your own journey and it can be the soundtrack for your trip through the mountains, at the beach, or even in the air.

    Five lucky readers can win a copy of Beyond just by leaving a comment telling us the destination that is top on your life’s list of places to visit. Giveaway ends on Tuesday, June 24, 2008 at midnight EST. Winners will have 3 days after initial contact to provide a mailing address or they will forfeit their prize. As always, US residents only and immediate family members of any Traveling Mama is ineligible to enter.

    For more information about William Joseph and his inspiring music, please visit his official website.

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No Responses to “Giveaway: William Joseph CD BEYOND”

  1. Shannon Baas said on


  2. Karen Everrett said on

    Right now, India.

  3. Ann Fantom said on

    I would love to go to St. Lucia

  4. susan varney said on

    daytona florida

  5. Europe!

  6. Deborah Wellenstein said on

    Alaska-o a cruise!

  7. jennifer said on


    Thanks, is awesome!

  8. Anthony Hedden said on


  9. Sharon Trimble said on

    Would love to see Australia

  10. Adrienne Gordon said on


  11. Carol Brooks said on

    I would love to travel through Italy and soak up the music and food of that area.

  12. Karen B said on

    Tacoma/Seattle to see my youngest son.

  13. I’d say Guatemala, since I’d like to visit hubby’s family.

  14. Belinda Shaw said on

    Outer Banks, NC

  15. Greece

  16. Shirley Younger said on


  17. Vicki Wurgler said on



    Paris, thanks for the contest

  19. Linda Moeller said on

    This is pretty simple but I’d love to go to baseball spring training in Florida.

  20. I am still waiting on my trip to NY City or New Orleans…would LOVE both places.

  21. christopher h said on

    uruguay, i’m not sure why

  22. Louise Brouillette said on

    Antarctica…it’s the only continent we’ve not visited

  23. Catherine copeland said on

    hawaii for sure. i’ve always wanted to see hawaii

  24. Cindy Thurman said on

  25. Johannah B said on

    Top of the list huh? Paris. Altho there are many more under that !!

  26. Phillip Fry said on

    I always wanted to go to Israel and see the “Holy Land”.

  27. Nora Scott-Platt said on

    Mine is to go to florida and see disneyland.

  28. Melissa Reeder said on

    Disney World!
    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  29. I would love to return to India as I was last there in 1972.

  30. toasters said on

    The Louvre

  31. Emily N. said on

    Australia / New Zealand

  32. Erica L said on

    I’ve always wanted to see Alaska. Now by coincidence, two old friends==one from grade school and one from college, who don’t know each other–have both moved to the Anchorage area! So, I may get my wish soon!

  33. I just want to go to a nice Zoo, I’ve never been to one.

  34. Karen McNicoll said on

    The British Isles – have wanted to go since I was a little girl



  36. Kari Follett said on

    I’ve always wanted to tour London

  37. Kathy Scott said on


  38. valley stream said on


  39. Andrea Bialy said on

    Lebanon, thanks!

  40. We’ve never really been out of the country so Prague, Czech Republic!

  41. Susan C said on

    I have always wanted to see the Redwood National Forest.

  42. claudette flanigan said on

    I would love to go to London, England

  43. Linda Lansford said on

    Alaska a cruise

  44. Sharon Jones said on

    The Grand Canyon

  45. Barbara Burney said on

    i would love to go to australia

  46. David Benedict said on

    love to see the english countryside

  47. Janet Russell said on

    always wanted to go to australia

  48. Jean Benedict said on

    hawaii my kind of place

  49. Susanne Troop said on


  50. USMA/West Point!

  51. I love to cook, so I would love to go to Italy–the Tuscany region in particular for a cooking tour.

  52. Angela J said on

    Rome, for all the old history and beauty

  53. tim brown said on


  54. Brent Dotson said on

    I have always wanted to see Ireland; the land of my ancestors.

  55. Pamela Hansen said on

    take my mom to oahu

  56. Mary Casper said on


  57. Larry Paquette said on

    My dream destination is Alaska. I will get there some day.

  58. charline s said on

    Somewhere warm all year round.


  60. Tracy Ackroyd said on


  61. Australia for me……

  62. I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii. And I’ve seen William Joseph in concert! He toured with Clay Aiken, and he is an amazing pianist. I’d love to win his cd!

  63. I’m in the Air Force so I’ve been to many places. But the one place I’ve never been and wished I could visit, is Rome, Italy.

  64. I’d love to go to Japan!

  65. Switzerland

  66. I’d like to visit Africa.

  67. Leigh Nichols said on

    The Golopagas Islands

  68. Africa for me

  69. Elizabeth M. said on

    I’ve got to go to Australia!

  70. Top 2 places: Greece and Paris

  71. I would LOVE to travel to Italy, mainly to visit Florence.

  72. Barbara Fox said on

    I would love to be able to take my family to the Seyhelles Islands.

  73. Japan!

  74. It’s top on my list to visit Italy!

  75. Must go back to Australia!

  76. Sarah Stern said on

    I really want to go to Antartica

  77. would love to take my wife to Austraila. I visited there when I was serving in Vietnam and there are some places I would love to show my wife.

  78. Linda Peters said on

    New Orleans would be nice

  79. Holly C said on

    Nairobi, Kenya

  80. Tina Rath said on

    New Zealand!

  81. EValente said on

    Ayers Rock (Uluru)in Australia

  82. judy brittle said on

    las vegas!!!!1

  83. Australia

  84. anywhere warm

  85. Marion Burgess said on

    I would love to go to Hawaii!

  86. Australia

  87. Australia

  88. L McLendon said on

    Canada (Banff region)

  89. Alicia T said on


  90. Hello! What a fun contest drawing that you are sponsoring. I see that William Joseph was discovered by the same man as Josh Groban! Got to love it! My destination to travel is to a castle in Scotland! Please enter my name in your delightful drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

  91. Moscow and St. Petersburg

  92. Veronica Garrett said on


  93. I would like to go to Tahiti.

  94. jennifer slusser said on

    i would love to go fishing in alaska

  95. Samantha Pruitt said on

    New Orleans

  96. Ronni Morrissey said on

    Not sure that I can pick just one…Grand Canyon is definitely up there!

  97. Betty Shoemaker said on

    Iwould love to visit the Greek Isles, but I know that is a dream. The Bahamas would be more in my reach. Thanks for the great contest

  98. Peggy Doty said on

    I would love to go to Ireland.

  99. jan koontz said on


  100. Flora Presley said on

    I’ve had this dream a long time—Greece! Here in the U.S., I’d like to visit Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota.

  101. kathy pease said on

    austrailia would be sooooooooooooooo wild 🙂

  102. Kathy Conley said on

    So many choices – I would love to go to New England or the West coast – haven’t been to either yet.

  103. Kathleen said on

    My next road trip is to San Francisco. Thanks for the contest.

  104. thanks for a chance

  105. Ed Nemmers said on

    Kauai, Hawaii

  106. Sylvia Porter said on

    New Orleans!

  107. Pamela White said on

    Kansas and Missouri.

  108. sarah woods said on

    Mu ultimate visit would be the cruise to anartacia; followed to see the upper land silver back gorillas in Africa followed by the photgraphic safari; many thanks what if wishes really came true!!!!!! many Thanks SW

  109. Karin A said on

    MacKinac Island

  110. Burton Bathrick said on


  111. I’d like to see Mount Rushmore.

  112. Kristen Hendricks said on

    The destination that is top on my life’s places to visit is London, England. I want to visit there so bad. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

  113. Lily Kwan said on


  114. Bahamas Family Vacations…

    Recently I took a trip to the Bahamas and used some of your advice. Cheers….