Haunted Louisiana: Mansions of the South

by CajunMama

Louisiana has long been known for some spooky things. It’s no wonder televisions shows like True Blood and movies such as Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn have been filmed here. My state also has some beautiful houses that are home to otherworldly apparitions. Here are a few of the haunted plantations in Louisiana I’ve checked out over the years:

The Myrtles – Growing up I would listen to my mother recall memories of her visit to one of America’s most haunted houses: The Myrtles Plantation in West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana. Her stories of feeling as if she were being smothered and many of the horrible events that occurred while she and my dad were on the plantation grounds are enough to scare anyone. Read the entire story…

Houmas House – Houmas House is the site of numerous films including Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte,Fletch Lives, and television shows like All My Children and K’Ville. It is also reportedly haunted by a few ghosts of days gone by. Read the entire story….

Loyd Hall – Loyd Hall is a bed and breakfast located in Cheneyville, LA. I’ve passed through this area many times when my hubby and I lived near there in the early months of our marriage, but I never even knew Loyd Hall was there, much less haunted. I was always more interested in getting to Lecompte before Lea’s Lunchroom ran out of my favorite, chocolate pie. Read the entire story…

These homes are open for tours all year long, not just during Halloween. Have you been to any of these homes and had any ghostly experiences?

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1 Mike September 14, 2012 at

I did not know that there are many hunted houses in Louisiana. Seems like these houses are perfect for some documentary and locations for movies. I myself would like to go there and have some experience being in such houses.

2 Windy September 19, 2012 at

My Husband & I stayed @ THE MYRTLES about 2 1/2 yrs. ago for my birthday. It was AWESOME!!! Food was great, the atmosphere was fun and VERY INTERESTING to say the most. We were able to get a room due to a couple cancelling @ the exact time we wanted to stay??? I was determined to stay one way or the other and of coarse it was the most costly room which I did not care!!! We actually stayed in the upstairs room which was the JUDGES ROOM and had all of that and the whole front porch to ourselves unless we invited people to come visit on the porch.I have alot of really Great Pictures but the BEST thing that happened was that night my husband came straight out of his sleep almost hitting the ceiling. DUE to the fact SOMEONE was breathing in his face and gave him a kiss on his head. I am so ready to go agian but stay in another area this time also visit some of the other places.

3 Steph @Best Kid Friendly Travel September 21, 2012 at

OMG, I have the chills just reading the previous comment. NO WAY could I stay in a haunted house. My 8 yr old is very intrigued by the idea, but I won’t do it and I won’t let him. Way too chicken. ;)

4 alexander benjamin October 17, 2012 at

Hey i hope this text gives you more information
Louisiana has long been known for some spooky things. It’s no wonder televisions shows like True Blood and movies such as Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn have been filmed here.

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