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  • Interview with American Idol Finalist Jason Castro

    Season 7 of American Idol was probably one of the more memorable for the CajunMama family. We really enjoyed Jason Castro’s performances and his choice of songs for most episodes. The 21-year-old artist sang a few numbers that were meaningful to us, including “Travelin Thru” (which should be one of our theme songs), IZ’s arrangement of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (Hello, Hawaii), and “I Shot the Sheriff” (which brought Mr. CajunMama and I back to our honeymoon in Jamaica).

    I’m a big fan of entertaining and talented musicians, so when Little CajunMama and I were able to get an interview with the Texas native while we were at Disney World we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to ask him a few questions about how he travels and where he went on family vacations as a kid.

    Little CajunMama took time out from touring the parks so that she could get her list of questions ready for Jason. Yes, Little CajunMama asked the questions. If you are already familiar with, then you’ll know we like to do things a little different with our Staycation Boycotts and Festivus Celebrations, so who better to conduct the interview than a 10 year old (soon to be the old age of 11).

    We observed as TV crews went in and out with all of their camera gear. In fact, things began to run a little late as we patiently waited. When our allotted time came around, we went in to meet Jason, with Flip Mino HD at the ready.

    Jason Castro is a very nice, polite young man, so big kudos to his parents for how they raised him. He was super sweet and was a joy to interact with. The video quality on YouTube is a little off (as is the sound), and I’m thinking that the Flip Mino HD isn’t going to make it on our On the Move Approved list like the Flip Ultra did, but I’ll save that review for another post. Here’s the interview, and if you can’t see it on your screen, this is the direct link:

    Also, if you aren’t already familiar with Jason’s talent (or even if you just want to listen to him over and over), we’ve embedded a playlist below the video for your listening enjoyment. We’d also like to send a shout-out to Jason’s fans at Castrocopia and The Dreadheads Forum. To learn more about Jason Castro, visit his Official Artist Site.


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  1. Little Cajun-Mama is adorable! What a great interviewer she is. Glad to see you had fun! Yea!

  2. That is so cool! I bet Little Cajunmama was excited! Jason Castro was our favorite last season.


  3. Little CajunMama is a fantastic Junior Journalist — great job! Thanks for the link to Castrocopia.

  4. AWESOME Job! Lil’ CajunMama! Great work! Loved this interview! YAY! Thank you! <3

  5. How adorable! Little Cajunmama was so composed! I love Jason Castro. He was always one of my favs last season.

  6. 4 Disney posts in 10 days. Is that a record?

    Still, kudos to LCM for her stellar performance.