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  • Mixing it up with CajunMama and Tales of the Cocktail

    Sazerac Cocktail Ingredients
    Everyone knows my home state, Louisiana, is near and dear to my heart. It also makes me feel so good to see New Orleans really starting to bounce back and bring in the visitors. An upcoming event, Tales of the Cocktail, is considered to be one of the most spirited events of the summer. Hehe. I like that. Spirited.

    Ann, founder of Tales, invited me to Commander’s Palace last week to debut The CajunMama Cocktail to a few notable bartenders in the area. I have to admit, I was a little nervous. These are professionals, and a mixologist I am not. The actual purpose of the gathering was to learn how to properly mix a Sazerac, the official cocktail of Louisiana. So as an official Sazerac Ambassador, I invite all of you to New Orleans to partake of this potent libation that offers a taste of Louisiana history in each sip.

    I’m partial to the sweeter things in life, so of course The CajunMama Cocktail is on the sugary side of things. This drink is perfect after dinner or for an evening with a breeze. I’ve put together this video to show you how simple it is to enjoy this rich cocktail. Garnish with flakes of Godiva Chocolate for added richness.

    The CajunMama Cocktail:

    1 oz Sazerac Rye Whiskey

    1 oz Kahlua

    4 oz Half and Half

    Stir ingredients. Serve over ice in a crystal old fashioned glass. Garnish with Godiva Chocolate flakes. Enjoy!

    If you watched the video, you’ll notice I mentioned a random giveaway for Boycott the Staycation. Yay! The winner for this giveaway is SavvyHousewife. Congratulations.

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  1. Thanks so much!

    Your site is wonderful, by the way. What an awesome idea.

  2. Nice video!

    (But, what’s ‘half and half? Looked like milk to me!)

  3. Keith – Half and half is what we “yanks” call half milk/half cream. You can use milk instead of h&h for the recipe, but I like it a little rich:)

  4. MountainMama said on

    CAJUN! You should be on TV. Love it!

  5. Is that what we’d call ‘full cream milk’? I can’t remember when I last saw any, let alone had it!

    My first reaction was one of horror at putting milk in whisky (but, I suppose it’s all right to put it in whiskey? :D) then I thought of Bailey’s Irish Cream.

    And, I’m trying to remember the name of that excellent dessert we were once served, which consisted of Bailey’s poured over a scoop of coffee-flavoured ice-cream. I should imagine that would taste something similar to a ‘Cajun Mama’?

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