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  • You may be traveling this holiday season – or you may have relatives traveling to your home this year. At we’ve been putting together our personal holiday travel tips to help make your holiday travel easy and stress free.

    If mailing or carrying on your holiday gifts, be sure to check and see which items need batteries as their power source. Nothing is worse than giving a battery operated gift without the batteries included, especially when gifting to little ones.

    Rayovac recently polled moms and found out that 65% have forgotten to purchase batteries to go along with their gifts. To help these moms, and also ease your last minute holiday gift purchase stress, Rayovac has put together this handy batttery shopping list of some of the most popular battery powered toys this holiday season:

    rayovac toys battery gift guideIf you’d like the direct link to the Rayovac Battery Guide for Top Holiday Toys, be sure to check out the Rayovac official website. Also, the Rayovac Facebook Page offers coupons to help you save money on these already value packed batteries.

    This post is sponsored by Rayovac.

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  • Holiday shopping season is in full swing and we’d like to help you save money on a few items. One of our sponsors would like us to share with you their $25 Spectrum Brands Coupon Savings Book. A special oupon book included on select packages of Rayovac AA 24 packs and AA 30 packs good for $25 in money-saving coupons on Spectrum Brands including:

    • Rayovac Rechargeables
    • George Foreman grill
    • Remington hair care products
    • Dingo Dog Bones
    • Flex360 Flashlight

    Rayovac battery packs are available at Target, Walmart and most retailers where batteries are sold. Don’t forget to include Rayovac batteries when purchasing battery-operated holiday gifts or for those battery-powered travel electronics.

    Remington Hair CareFor those who travel frequently and are looking for travel sized hair care items with a little flair to them, I recently purchased an adorable Remington mini hair-dryer and Remington mini flat iron and used the coupons from these coupon books. They are affordable and compact – just right for a traveling mama or little traveling mama.

    Find more information on Rayovac promotions and coupons at Rayovac on Facebook.

    This is a sponsored post by Rayovac.

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