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  • Rayovac Batteries – Good Value for Travelers

    Batteries are a staple for almost any type of travel, whether it’s a family vacation, holiday travel, or a solo trip around the world. We travelers and our families carry around gadgets galore, many of them requiring power from a battery source of some sort. One product that I’ve purchased for years is Rayovac batteries. I guess what always made me choose this product over other batteries is that while the price per pack was the same, Rayovac provided the better value with a larger quantity per pack.

    Last week I spent some time learning about Rayovac and the full product line they offer. When I was asked to be part of their select group of power bloggers, I didn’t hesitate, because this is a product already used in my household for travel and everyday needs. Here are some facts that I didn’t know about before my immersion into the world of batteries:

    • Rayovac LASTS as LONG as Duracell and Energizer but Costs Less
    • Rayovac Alkaline Batteries have been Made in the USA since 1906
    • A Rayovac battery powers the devices we depend on to make our lives easier

    I use these batteries in items like my Flip Ultra and my daughter’s handheld digital camera. I also keep many packs of these batteries in various sizes inside my household hurricane disaster kit. Being that these batteries last up to seven years in storage, I shouldn’t have to replace those in my disaster kit for a few years.

    Do you use batteries in any of your gadgets? Are you a user of Rayovac products? Visit this offer Rayovac’s Facebook page for savings on your next Rayovac purchase.

    Disclosure: I am a Rayovac sponsored Blogger.

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  1. Wonderful share! We usually use Energizer but i think we have to consider trying this one out.