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  • Romantic Resort in Taos, New Mexico

    El Monte Sagrado Living Resort and Spa, nestled at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Taos, NM, is an environmentally friendly spiritual experience that nurtures the soul. The atmosphere of this resort provides the perfect setting for couples to renew their relationships and grow closer together. It is a place for a spiritual retreat.

    View of Taos Mountain at El Monte Sagrado Living Resort
    View of Taos Mountain at El Monte Sagrado Living Resort

    El Monte Sagrado was developed around a Native American sacred site, The Sacred Circle. A few years ago, my good friend told me about her amazing visit at El Monte and how it will always stay in her heart. I became intrigued and began to plan my own visit, to see if it would suit for a romantic getaway. The resort is hidden from the bustle of Taos, but close enough to visit the shops on foot. There were 32 rooms during my friend’s visit, but they now have 48 new guest rooms and a spa expansion.

    I wrote this a while back, when I visited to help my soul recover from a major surgery. I really enjoyed relaxing in one of the new rooms, which all have a large soaking tub, perfect for couples, an oversized shower, and luxurious bed. The fireplace provides a romantic ambiance and the view from my balcony is phenomenal. The room is decorated with suede, river rocks, and turquoise accents. The room is just made for snuggling. I did take a peep into the casitas and suites, each decorated in their own worldly theme. Some of them have their own private courtyard and hot tub.

    Mountain View Room at El Monte Sagrado Living Resort
    Mountain View Room at El Monte Sagrado Living Resort

    I decided to take a walk around the property before I had a spa treatment. The original rooms are hidden in alcoves built around the Sacred Circle. I felt a pull and stepped over a grassy knoll to sit on a rock near the circle. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, smelling a slight scent of wood burning on the breeze. The golden Aspen leaves fell gently all around me, like a light rain and the trickling of the water was a concerto for my ears. The wind caressed my neck and a deep calm came over me. I can see why many couples choose to bless their vows at this particular spot and why my friend insisted I visit this place.

    Pool at El Monte Sagrado Living Resort
    Pool at El Monte Sagrado Living Resort

    On my walk to the The Living Spa, I stepped into the enclosed pool area, which was similar to a grotto. Guests can swim year ‘round, so if you should plan a visit, be sure to pack a swimsuit. I had previously looked through the spa menu, which offers intriguing and unique specialties. Their special offerings include such treatments as Spiritual Cleansing with Grandmother Jean, The Soul’s Blueprint with Julie Kelly, Egyptian Anointing with Maria Mikhailas, and Trauma Recovery with Terri Picard. These treatments need to be booked in advanced, so keep that in mind. I opted for the Signature High Desert Body Treatment.

    My therapist, Jack, really made me feel comfortable and relaxed for my treatment. I was led to one of the new treatment rooms, a round, Native American style room with a skylight in the wooden ceiling. It reminded me of the kivas of the pueblos. The treatment began with a Zuni salt exfoliation that included a special oil blend of indigenous plants and flowers. The next step was a wrap of volcanic ash mask that draws out the toxins in the body. It was completed by a gentle massage that left me renewed in spirit and mind. I don’t write this lightly, but this was truly the best spa treatment I have ever experienced.

    Pork Loin Entree at El Monte Sagrado in Taos
    Pork Loin Entree at El Monte Sagrado in Taos

    Couples also look for fine dining during their romantic getaways, and El Monte Sagrado covers the cuisine aspect, as well as the spiritual well-being. Chef Ruben Tanuz prepares a menu full of fresh, organic dishes that delight all the senses. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner all offer surprises for the visiting couples. The onsite Anaconda Bar is also a favorite with visitors and locals alike. The bar’s mixologist, Jesse, is talented with his libations. Be sure to try Jesse’s Ginger Zen or the signature Kessler Kiss.

    This resort offers so much, that I hardly left the property. Fortunately, local artist Stephen Long offers customized guided tours through the property’s gift shop. He can take couples to Taos Pueblo, escort them around the art galleries, or even bring them to the nearby hot springs hidden in the mountains. Stephen took me to a few notable historic sites, but I was anxious to get back to El Monte and relax on the grounds. I took a quiet walk and noticed a couple sitting at the Sacred Circle, holding hands. Another couple was sitting on their verandah sipping champagne. Even a famous celebrity couple (who shall remain nameless) spent a weekend here and enjoyed a couple’s massage.

    El Monte Sagrado is not inexpensive, but well worth the visit. I would encourage couples looking for that special romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or anytime for that matter, to make plans to experience a personal couples retreat in the arms of this beautiful and intimate resort

    To learn more about El Monte Sagrado, visit This property is part of the Kessler Collection and The Leading Small Hotels of the World, as well as being a AAA Four Diamond Resort.

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