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  • SkinnySongs for your next trip

    I was watching CBS this morning and they interviewed Heidi Roizen, an entreprenuer and the brains behind SkinnySongs, a new cd to help lose weight. One of the songs really clicked with me when I read these lyrics:

    “About six months back, I took one helluva trip
    had a swank vacation on a big cruise ship
    but later all my friends sent their photos to me
    and I sure didn’t like, what I had to see”

    You can listen to Who the Hell is That?, sung by Rachelle Byrne.

    I thought this CD might be a good choice for a Traveling Mama (hello, me) who needs to shed a few pounds before her next trip. If you would like to learn more about SkinnySongs, be sure to visit the website, or you could purchase the CD by clicking below.

    Buy SkinnySongs now!

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  1. DesertMama said on

    What a great idea! I’m off to check it out.

  2. Ah, never heard of this! Amazing the things I am learning from you Mamas. I’ll check it out, too!