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by CajunMama

No matter where in the world I travel, for business, pleasure, or just passing through, I always return to Louisiana. I don’t know if I’d live anywhere else. We’ve had our fair share (or more than fair share) of disasters, but we’ve proved to be resilient and continue to welcome people with open arms.

The state of Louisiana has always been filled with interesting characters, from politics to the big screen. One of the most recent reality shows to take America by storm is Swamp People. It’s a true look at a dying way of how some people still earn a living in Louisiana.

I took a day trip down to Pierre Part, Louisiana to visit with one of the stars of Swamp People – Troy Landry. For me, it was a trip down memory lane as I recalled my younger years spent at Belle River and Pierre Part at my grandparents camp. We’d spend weekends at Belle River fishing off the back pier or taking the bass boat out to catch dinner.

Troy and his family were just as I expected, friendly and welcoming to strangers who came to their home. They recently completed a new house, made with wood Troy has collected over the past 35 years each time he went into the swamp. Troy and I enjoyed a cup of Community Coffee and chatted about how Swamp People has changed his life, musings on living in Louisiana (along with the stereotypes people have of us), and the places he’s traveled to and hopes to visit in the future.

Swamp People Season 2 premieres on History Channel March 31, 2011. You can purchase Troy’s Chootem Logo items at Chootem.com.

Special thanks to the Landry Family for allowing us to film them at home.

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1 Paul April 30, 2011 at

I am a “fan” of Swamp People. When I first started seeing advertising on the TV it seemed a bit out there and so I suppose that is what drew me to watch it. I have enjoyed getting to know the people and learn about your state. Troy’s personnality has come across really well. It has shown his love of what he does in the swamp, for his family, and the grandkids coming along. My favorite quotes of his are “Choot em” and “Tree shaker”. I hope the show does him and his family well, we enjoy it.

2 NANCY May 7, 2011 at


3 M Hobbs May 19, 2011 at

I am totally addicted to Swamp People. I would REALLY LOVE to share dinner with Troy Landry and family some evening. I live in Moss Point, Ms, 74 yrs old widower and the thought of meeting “Swamp People” may just keep me going. Troy I wish you continued health and A GREAT family

M Hobbs

4 C.Baine May 24, 2011 at

My 2 sons are so intrigued by Troy Landry and his son Jacob they just love the show. They faithfully watch it every time it comes on and have even had to take them to buy “Gator” hooks even though we live in florida and cant catch gators,just so that they have gator hooks like Troy uses. We would love to get to meet Troy…..We are planning a trip to Loiuisiana maybe for a chance for them to get to see one of his “Tree Shakers”that he has pulled in.

5 Cresta Eshleman June 27, 2011 at

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE swamp people. My boys and I watch all the time. We think Troy Landry is the coolest, My youngest Carson goes around the house all the time yelling ” Choot em”, ” Choot em” . Great fun, and wish all the guys down there the very best. Hope the show stay on a long time because I don’t think that we will ever get tired of watching.

6 Tim July 7, 2011 at

On several episodes Troy is at the Rainbow Inn bar. He and other patrons are drinking from styrofoam cups using a straw. What are they drinking?

7 Juan July 12, 2011 at

I drove to Pierre Part last week after visiting Avery Island hoping to catch Troy at his brothers filling station. A young man came out to pump my gas as I went into the store. Everyone was friendly, boats everywhere, Cajuns talkin bout goin froggin. What a beautiful place. Small houses with boat docks along the bayou, greenery everywhere, so so much water and trees. I just missed his but was told by the nice lady in the store that he would be back in the morning. Oh well. I had a nice visit to Pierre Part.

8 Sherry July 22, 2011 at

Interested to see if the Landy’s (Troy) have some sort of “Meet and Greet” that I can bring my teenage boys to? We live in Mississippi, but it would be well worth the drive to Louisiana

9 Denise August 27, 2011 at

I met Troy while traveling to Louisiana for the first time this past April. I was elated to have had the opportunity, I mean what were the odds of that? ;) It was a wonderful trip and meeting him was the icing on the cake!!! Anyway, just as he is on television, is the way he is in person. An honest to goodness, friendly, hardworking man. A lot of men could learn a lot from him. :)

10 beth September 5, 2011 at

we would so like to go aligator hunting with troy. were just a few country girls, wanting to see some swamp action. we love swamp people and can just imagine us doing it. Our w
hole families gather around when it comes on.

11 sue November 17, 2011 at

i watch swamp people but i just wanted you to know that my husband has a twin brother he looks just like troy you would say it if you seen him everyone that sees him says it too

12 Michelle Shill January 8, 2012 at

We LOVE OUR SWAMPERS!!!! I’m not a lover of “celebrities”, and never have been. These folks are real people, you just watch and know they would be some of the best people you could ever hope to meet!!! I like the cheeky relationship between “Elizabeth” and Troy!!!!! I want to hug them both!!! If there were a sweepstakes to meet these people, I would take it over the lottery any day!!! Yup, that’s how much we love ‘em!!!

13 Kelly Meeks February 26, 2012 at

My Husband and I are going on a cruise in March. We are leaving from New Orleans. My Husband is crazy about this show and wants to visit. How far is this from New Orleans? Do you recommend places for us to visit/eat? Thank you so much

14 J.W. Myers March 17, 2012 at

I love the show, but have a question. Does Troy have only one shirt?

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