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  • We’re hosting a twitter travel party with Ebates and you’re invited!

    Summer family travel season is about to begin and here at Traveling Mamas we’re all getting ready with researching travel deals, special coupons and cash back on all modes of getting around, blowing off some steam and having some fun in the sun. Because we know YOU love travel, we thought there would be no better time than now to kick off a twitter party! Join us on Twitter Tuesday May 25th from 4-5pm PST for a night of travel deals, prizes and more. We will be hosting the party with Ebates, an online service that not only saves you money, but they even send you cash back. We’ll highlight special travel deals, share travel tips and give away a slew of prizes including iPod Nanos and Shuffles, gift cards to Bloomingadale’s and travel gift certificates too. Here is what you need to know to join the party and win prizes:

    What: an Ebates and Traveling Mamas Twitter Party
    Why: To share ideas about travel, tips on finding great deals — and win great prizes!
    When: Tuesday, May 25th 7:00-8:00pm EST (4:00-5:00pm PST)
    Where: on Twitter (You will need to have a Twitter account, it is extremely simple to sign up!)
    How: Follow the #ebatestravel hashtag (You can use services like TweetChat or TweetGrid to follow the conversation) — and don’t forget to follow your hosts, @travelingmamas and @Ebates, on Twitter throughout the party for contest details, updates, and prize information.

    RSVP to Win: Leave a comment to RSVP for the party.  At some point during the party, we’ll be giving away a Marriott gift certificate to one randomly selected  RSVP comment from this post. You must actively attend the party to be awarded the prize. This is just one of the many fabulous prizes we’re giving away! As a reminder, be sure to use the official hashtag #ebatestravel during the party.

    Check out for all the fantastic travel and vacation deals to earn cash back from some of your favorite brands!

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  1. Looking forward to the party! See you then!

  2. Hi, Shannon!

    a) Do you have to be a ‘mama’? and
    b) What time is that in English money?



  3. Can’t wait for the party! Great idea!

  4. @travelermom will be there! Can’t wait!:)

  5. Great idea, and @affordablemouse will be looking forward to being there!

  6. Sounds like fun…I love ebates – have been using them since 2000!

  7. I love a party. I’ll be there @ladyexpat.

  8. Trina C said on

    Looking forward to the party – sounds like fun.

  9. Trina C said on

    opps forgot to leave my twitter name @couponsiwant – See you there

  10. @sweetteaseattle said on

    Great idea! I’ll be there 🙂 @sweetteaseattle

  11. Luv it! Chat w/ u tomorrow! =]

  12. We’ll be on the road, but if I can get service, @suerodman will be there too.

  13. Amy @ pit stops for kids said on

    Count me in!

  14. What fun! I’ll be there as @slaniergraham.

  15. Amber G said on

    I’ll RSVP!

  16. Dung Nguyen said on

    I am RSVPing to the party! my twitter is @holyknight0326

  17. Erin Cook said on

    I will be there @cookster78

  18. Charity S. said on

    I love twitter parties. Thanks

  19. Charity S. said on

    I forgot. @ccboobooy

  20. Susan Smith said on

    I’ll be there @susan1215

  21. I’m going to try my best to be there. @AMomBlog

  22. Looking forward to it! I’ve never attended a twitter party before… kinda excited 🙂 @hipcandy

  23. Also forgot the twitter name! Doh! @magic2go

  24. Amanda said on

    Can’t wait!! @elivya

  25. I will be there @suelee1998

  26. I’ll be there! @themodernway

  27. lilshuga2001 said on

    I will be there!

  28. marci p said on

    will be there! @_mongoose <3

  29. So I’m thinking it’s 6 p.m. Central time? looking forward to it! Thanks Shannon Lane for spreading the word

  30. Shelley Mitchell said on

    Sounds awesome!! Can’t wait for the party!

  31. Justine said on

    I’ll try to be there if I’m not to caught up in Judge Judy lol!


  32. sheila k. said on

    The party sounds very “tweet.” Best wishes!!!!

  33. Love this long term travel I’m doing, but miss being able to have a connection good enough to participate in stuff like your Twitter party. Hope it’s a great success!

  34. RSVP-glad I found you guys! I will be there 🙂 Thanks for hosting.

  35. heather said on

    Looking foward to the party!

  36. Jennifer Brito said on

    Sounds like it’ll be fantastic! @jkbrito

  37. schnoodledo is game. I love ebates

  38. Did someone mention party? We love a party on the Nova Scotia Authentic Seacoast. Especially one hosted by a great friend and an Acadian!

  39. Lily Kwan said on

    I would like to RSVP for the party. Thanks!

  40. Marianna said on

    Hope I can make it! @mannabsn

  41. Iliana Blair said on

    I will be at your twitter party! Can’t wait! thanks

  42. thanks! i love ebates and we love to travel too. sounds like a great event! clallen1971 on twitter

  43. Sounds wonderful! Looking forward to it!

  44. I’ll be there!

  45. I’ll be there for the 1st part…I have a meeting at 7:45pm though.

  46. @mstyle10 said on

    How fun!! @mstyle10

  47. Amber Smith said on

    I’ll be there, can’t wait

  48. I won’t be tardy for the party!!

  49. I’ll be attending!

  50. Count me in..let the fun begin..

  51. Barbara said on

    Can’t wait for the party! Thank you @goin2carolina

  52. kristy said on

    Can’t wait for the party! (@mommy_to_2_chis)

  53. ready for the partyyy! @anonimousb i’m kind of new to twitter though.. how do you use hashes?

  54. Cindy Williams said on

    see you at the party tonight @josesheee

  55. Marian said on

    I’ll be there! –mkizzy

  56. Can’t wait for the party!

  57. I’ll be there @brianosaurusrex

  58. StacyWash said on

    Count me in! @stacywash

  59. RSVP’ing 🙂 @diahnee

  60. RSVPing! Cant wait!

  61. Sorry, I am @christlikemommy on twitter

  62. Courteney Handel said on

    Can’t wait for the party!

  63. Dianne Martinez said on

    Thanks for the chance

  64. Tammy Klain said on

    My first party! can I join 🙂

  65. @crumbdonut said on

    I just found out about this party! I’ll be there in a few! @crumbdonut

  66. Mav R. said on

    I hope I win an ipod tonight!! @princessaeryn

  67. Can’t wait for the party! thanks, Ebates!

  68. @themomjen see you at the party!

  69. OK! I’m in @twoofakind

  70. Jill Hayes said on

    Hi! RSVPing @jillyrh

  71. nellie schultz said on

    see you there

  72. Tricia Andrews said on

    I’m coming to the party! @TriciaInRaleigh on Twitter!

  73. Sounds like so much fun, can’t wait!

    RSVP @thepinkcrab

  74. hope i’m not too late!

  75. I’ll be there! @tunmun on twitter

  76. @letsgolakers086 said on

    present! @letsgolakers086 =]

  77. Jeannine M said on

    Greta party! @mellanhead

  78. Christine said on

    At the party and having fun!

  79. I’m in this party! @brideandadog

  80. Awesome party! I would love to win!
    Thanks for the chance!

  81. I’m there now. Found a few minutes ago. 🙂


    bctripletmom at gmail dot com

  82. Am I too late to RSVP? @whoaitsm !

  83. Shelby said on

    I’m here! 🙂 @smlcfh

  84. Fun Party!


  85. Hope it’s not too late! I’m here. : )

  86. Shannon Schulte said on

    Hi @sethandshannon1

  87. I’m leaving my comment…now I can actually join!

  88. Katherine P said on

    RSVP @mkjmc Having fun

  89. Erica best @purplelover04 said on

    that was fun thanks.

  90. Fun party ! @saramomof2

  91. It’s late…but I’m in.

  92. i joined late!

  93. Late to RSVP but am enjoying the party!

  94. love the party learn alot ty @waterbluffy

  95. Ilir Lako said on

    Will surely participate

  96. RSVP


  97. Sheryl said on


  98. I’m there – a little late! @ThriftyJinxy

  99. looking forward to the party! 🙂

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